Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 2.8

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Pacing the cell, Isawa muttered quietly to herself, seemingly trying to sort things out in her mind. After a while of this, she stopped suddenly, spinning to cast an annoyed glare at the sword propped in the corner of the room.

"You're really being no help at all, you know." she commented, frustration evident in her voice.

The glare continued for several seconds of total silence, before she spoke again.


I'm sorry, I didn't realise that was meant as a question.

Isawa's stance shifted, hands resting on hips, and frustration melting into pure irritation as the reply filtered into her mind.

Okay, okay... the voice commented again, this time at least attempting to sound helpful, What do you want me to do?


Explain what?

"Let's start with what the hell happened in the village."

Yeah, about that...


Can't help you.

Any guards outside the cell may have been surprised by the short scream that Isawa let out, but none came to investigate. Lunging across the room, she snatched the sword up and held it over her shoulder, poised to slam it into the wall.

Wouldn't recommend it...

"Henshin...", this time her voice was a low growl of warning.

Seriously, I can't tell you what I don't know, alright?


With that, she tossed the sword onto the bed with far more force than was strictly necessary, and the sound of metal against stone echoed slightly as it bounced off of the wall.


"Deal with it. Some advisor you're turning out to be."

You know anyone listening will think you're talking to yoursel-

"Shut up."

With a sigh, Isawa dropped onto the bed, leaning back slightly to rest her back against the wall. Eyes closed, she took a deep breath, then let it out in another soft sound. She repeated the action several times before dropping her head into her hands.

"Thirty thousand years. Can you believe it? I know time moves differently in different shadows, but... I can feel it, you know, literally bearing down on me. Everything's changed so much. Chaos has changed, there's other powers out there, and no-one has even heard of my House. And let's not forget that whole pesky war thing that's going on. What the hell has happened to me?"

Lifting her head, she looked around the cell for a few moments before speaking again.

"At least these guys are being pretty hospitable, considering. With the whole not killing me, and everything. Though I wish it wasn't just becasue they think I'm usefull."

A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she sat back again, smiling slightly to herself.

"That whole raid on House Sawall was kinda exciting though, don't you think?"

Whilst Henshin didn't reply directly, she could feel the arua of amusement that it was giving off.

"Yeah. And that bit with that Jurt guy was pretty cool. I mean, did my teachers ever expect me to actaully use that weapon training for anything but meditation?"

After a moment, Henshin's aura shifted, this time an air of caution and mild reproach. Isawa glanced over at the sword, and her smile slipped away.

"I know, I know. Whatever it was he did to me was a big problem. Locked me down good. I'm gonna have to find a way around that, aren't I?"

Maybe it would have helped if you hadn't been on a leash, like some kind of pet.

This time Isawa's glance at the sword was sharp.

"Hey, I don't blame Bloom for what she did, okay? It was a pretty sensible precaution, and you notice that Tag didn't seem too happy with it either."

He was holding the other end of the leash, why should he care?

"Ahh, forget it. Besides, you know it had no effect on that fight anyway."

Meh. What abou that other one?

"Atikus? Yeah... I know he healed me up after my little crash landing arrival, but I don't know. There's something about him..."

Keep an eye open?

"At least one, yeah."

Look, at least we got out of that situation in one piece, and they got the people they where after. Maybe they'll be a little less paranoid about you in future.

Another sigh greeted that comment, and Isawa let her eyes slip shut again.

"Maybe... Would have been nice to have a chance to catch my breath before the next little show-down, however..."

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