Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.4

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Romanov had gone off somewhere, then he trumped me asking for help I could see behind him strange creatures I showed Tag and we went throw the gate to him.

We ended up at a prison. We came under attack from ant people. These were not that difficult to slay, we battled hard then Tag shifted over to the gate, which they were pouring out from. I don’t know what he did but there was a big explosion and all the ant people died in it, I jumped over to the gate and couldn’t see Tag.

“Tag where are you?”


I opened the door and Tag was a pancake behind it.

“Note DO NOT DO IT AGAIN it hurts”

He then passed out, I healed him, when he finally woke up I was almost done, then we forced our way through the prison, and freed Bleys.

Bleys was not as friendly as he seemed. he did something to Romanov, I knew Romanov would have a go if I let Bleys fall so I grabbed him, bad idea, everything went black.

I awoke to Tag putting me in my room back in Fenneval he told me what happened, we went to see Fiona who was here now getting help from Corwin, she said Bleys was not to be trusted that he was dangerous and would harm everyone, he was in prison for a good reason. We were glad Bleys was left behind, Tag and I went into the court yard, there was Romanov he was trumping bleys to Fenneval, but as we were about to engage him, he vanished to Chaos. We followed, however Gramble was waiting for us. A short fight ensued which Gramble was winning. Then everything went black.

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