Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.3

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i was in a meeting with father, when i nothiced Tag had returned to the kingdom. I jumped over to the court yard, when i got there Romanov was there too and he ran passed me and went to the Design, I called to the guards to stop him, i dint want him to walk it, it was not a good power, and it made u feel strange and like your not your self anymore but part of a whole, it was strange and too much for people who dont understand being a unit, i know what it was like but if i didnt i would hate it even more.

The guards went after him he changed paths and headed for the wall he pulled out a trump card as he opened the gate a guard grabbed him and went throw with him, i called the head of guards and told him to search for him, Tag and I looked too. We looked every where but couldnt find him.

Then i noticed somthing in the tree it was him.

"Romanov come down i only want to talk to you"

"Call off your guards"

i told them to back off, he came down Tag came out, the Romanov charged at the Design again, i tried to block him with a spell so i didnt hurt him, but he got pasted it and man handled me out of the way, i called and told everyone to get off the Design.

They moved off, and he started walking i didnt look, after he finished, everyone was happy with him, i wasnt somthing was not right when he touched me i felt somthing was very wrong, it wasnt Romanov but i didnt know who it was so what could i say.

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