Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.1

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After the battle at the "Primal Pattern" we all came back to Fenneval. I'm exhausted, with the Pattern gone I know the others are feeling it really hard I am not because I walked the Design. I spent a couple of hours training trying to make my powers work better, I noticed that my power was faster of maybe the world was slower.

I went to see what the others were doing, I only found Tag, he was training with Athena and the guards. Athena was still much better than him but hopefully she got some use from the training. There still is no word from Corwin. I think Tag asked me how Sorcery works.

I trained again today. I was approached by Mei-Lian who told me that I was most likely Corwins child we were going to talk with Corwin about. Tag told me about leaving Fenneval, I think I might stay as I want to learn more about Corwin and if I am the Princess I want to be with my people and help them as I couldn’t help the people of Amber.

I trained again, then finally word from Corwin. I acquired suitable clothes and attended a feast. After the feast there was a meeting where Corwin seemed to express the emptiness that I know the others felt. He seemed to want to know more about this Design, if it is like the Pattern than Tag could maybe be able to help him.

Later Tag came to me and asked to walk the Design, I cleared the area out so that no one would see his past, I didn’t think it was right for others to see. He had done so much bad in his life and had so much pain, but with all that I whispered "I forgive you"

Mei-Lian left early this morning , I think that, Romanov, and Athena left to. I felt that it would be nice to go with them however I feel its important to help my father Corwin sharpen the defenses of Fenneval first, Tag stayed with me. I think he really wanted to train more.

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