Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Part 2

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Fathers locket

In the time i had been in the first family i had learned many secrets, things i nver should have know at my age but i did. It has now been eight years since I last saw my mother and heard of my fathers fate. One week after my 19 birthday my mother returned. She cam to my room in the middel of the night and that was the start of my new life far away from home.

"Come Bloom its time to leave"

"Yes mother" i knew better then to ask questions, i got dressed then followed my mother to the horse stables, Flamel came with me she hid inside my locked, she could make her slef anysize she wanted, luckly my locket had holes so she could breath and see what was happoning.

"Its time you see the real world my daughter,"

"Real world? what did she mean by that?"

"I dont know Flamel"

"You say somthing?"

"No mother, of course not"

My locket was very old and had magic in it, mother gave it to me when i was born she said it was from my birth father, I dont think she total telling the truth beacuse the King had told me that my mother came here before she had marrried, disapeared for a time then came back with a child, and he said he didnt think my birth father even knew about me, but i could think of that later, now thou strange things were happoning.

"Were about to change worlds dear"

Mother always told me when we were going to change, the worlds flew past me, time went on them we were at the beautiful kingdom of Amber. It was just as mother had told me, i met my family there were a lot of them.

I was confused but dealt with it. Mother told me to stay in her human form for as long a possible. After a brief look around Amber I met Athena, a sword wielding Princess of Amber, Mei-Lian, Athena's wife, (I doesn't understand at first)and Athena's mother, Princess Fiona, she and my mother were not best friends but they were quit close.

Mother took me down to a room deep under Amber, to walk the Pattern, after I walked the Pattern mother explained about Amber, Chaos and shadow, and how to walk shadows,I then started my training, 4 months of training with Athena and the family in Amber, I went with mother and the others to Chaos where a great battle had begun, there i met Tag,Randoms son, he is a cyberpunk generation degenerate with a shady past. Then Romanov a Russian Trump Artist, who enjoys Vodka And Cheese Balls.

"Hear me daughter, you must remember to stay in this humon form as long as you can, only turn to your true self when you need to"

"Yes mother i will try"

We went to fight Choas, mother stood on the hill with her Fea servents, i stood on the ridge with the elders and the young amberites. After a long battel Corwin join all the young ones together and sent them back to Amber, i looked at my mother before it happoned, she smiled at me, and bowed her head to me, then made a jesture to her neck, i put my hand on the locket it was my link to her, she smiled again then returned to the battel, i closed my eyes then i was back in Amber with Tag, Atena and the others, that was the last time i saw my mother, but i know she's alive because i feel it throw the locket and my heart.

We have been back in amber, for a week, working on repairs and healing, Tag and i were looking for grandfather one day when there was an explotion, we ran to his room we heard him yell at some one to leave, Tag and i tried to open the door, Tag got it open but he flew with it, i went in the room and saw some one leave thro a portal, Tag didnt see him, i ran to grandfather, Tag ran to get help but some one was there in the room i felt them hit me.


I yelled, Tag came running back in but the person disapeared throw the portal again this time Tag saw the portal,

"You ok?"




"Come and... listen, you must fin... the jewel... and bring back..." The rest he wispeard so that Tag or anyone eles couldnt hear, and i will not say what he said, then he was gone, Tag and i went back to the others, things were going from bad to worse and this was only the begining.

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