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"Stop it, Stop, leave him alone, stop it please, just go away, leave him alone, father, father please run, run away from them, please. FATHER AHH"

I awoke with sweat running down my face, my heart was racing, i could hardly breath, what had just happoned to me? i layed back down a closed my eyes as i did i say blood in my mind, an aroow, then my father lying there. Then all of a shudden i heard a nock on the door to my chamber it made me jump, it was my bodyguard, as i opened my eyes again i got a better look around, my curtain kept the sun from my room, i opened the curtains and there was no sun it was still night the sun was getting ready to rise.

"What the?"


"Umm... yes, yes what is it Chamblem?"

"We must go to the court now princess, iam sorry for scarying you"

Then i heard the court bells ring, somthing was not right. i got out off bed and fell to the floor my energy was almost all one but it soon came back.

"Princess did you hear me?"

"Yes, yes iam coming, please wait"

"Of cousre princess, but are you alright?"

"Yes iam fine thank you, just one moment."

I felt that somthing was wrong but I wasnt sure what. i got dressed it was strange to be called to court on a monday and before the sun had rised.

"Is there something i should know?"

"No princess there is nothing"

"Then why is court being called today? Its monday, there should be no court today? And the sun still has not come up"

"I dont know princess, iam sorry, but they will not tell me anything"

"Very well then"

I enetered the court as I always did as the first Princess of the second family, but I wish I had not gone to the court that day, because I was right somthing was wrong.

As i walked to my seat at the end of the kings table of the outer circle, all eyes turned from me, then somthing strange happoned,the inner circle, opened up to me. It was strange that they would i was of the outer family cirle, the Kings brothers child, why would they open to me? I walked up to where the King sat, i looked next to him and there was Kai, i smilede at him but he looked away from me, had i done somthing wrong? I stood ni front of the king, he hasd put his wings way and lokked down, i looked once more at Kai who smiled this time but it was a sad smile i noticed he had a scar on his face it looked like an arrow had hit him.

"Young Bloom, I am sorry to have to do this to you, your very young, in a week you will be 11 years old so to speck. Iam affared that I have some good but also bad news for you, the good news is that you may now sit in the inner circle of the court of Fae, but you have no say as your so young."

I looked around there faces were mixed with happiness for me but also sadness, I felt the tears come to my eyes, what was happoning? What was going to happon to me now? Kai came over to me, he put his arm around my shoulders, i didnt look at him but leaned into him for comfert but i couldnt look at him yet, i wanted to but i couldnt take my eyes fom the rown sitting bye the king it was my fathers, the small crown he worn to show who he was, it was siting in his chair, i wanted to run to it and put it on, but i know it would be frowned on. The king lookd over to it, and then had it taken away, i wacthed it go i followed it all the way to the door and beyond, till i could no longer see the shine of the silver, the tears ran down my face more now, all looked at me then the gurads blocked the door way do i couldnt look anymore. i turned to Kai he gave me a side ways smile.

"I am sorry to say that this has happoned because your father, my brother has died in battel,"

I looked back at him, and for the first time in my life i saw him smile for real, i know he smiles at his son and wife, but with others it was a fate smile, but now i saw the true smile the Kai told me mad him look like a child and it did, it made me smile at him, Kai saw that and it made he smile better.

"Princess bloom I promised my brother Prince Wilco, that I would take care of his only child as my own if somthing happoned to him, I can only keep an eye on you if your in the inner circle and to be there I make you may child, so thats why you are here, you will stay with your help mother, the same as always, while your real mother is away, I will be your father and I will make all the desions regarding you upbringing, you may go now to your leasons my daughter, we have more things to discues here"

"Yes your maga..."

"Bloom you are my daugther now, you will call me father and Kai is now your brother so you may call him brother"

"Yes sir... I mean father"

He bowed to me, and I bowed before him and walked out of the court, everyone turned from me, I knew why they were sceard that they would make me cry more if they looked, I wish someone had looked at me, it would have helpped. I got outside and looked over to the other side of the bridge, then a hand came on my shoulder. i turned to see Kai standing there, he huged me then picked me up and smiled, he put his hand on the scar.

"Thanks to your father, this is the only scar i got, if it wasnt for him there would be a lot more scars, not just on me but everyone, but now theres only one, he was a great man but then again you already now that dont you?"

"Yes and your wrong brother theres two" and i put my hand on my heart, "Here"

I jumped down, i said thank you to him, and huged him again, then i left him, when i was on the other side of the bridge i turned back to him, he was standing ther watching me still smileing, i turned to him, and yelled,

"This scar is small because he brought you back to me like he promiset" then i smiled at him and ran off to my leasons.

"Wilco you did a good job with her, she has learned to see the posative things in the bad, i hope your watching her now as always."

I got to my fighting leason, with my body guard he eplained to the teacher what had haopponed, she understood and young boy called Traz, he was the adopted second son of the king, he was trouble, he was always mean to me,he attack me before and has taken things from me in school and acted better then me and everyone eles. Now that I was the first daughter of the king, so he was not happy because he was now the third child of the king because i was older then him. He had blue hair and red eyes he was quit tall when i was very young there was talk of us marriing but they found out he was not pure blood like they thought so it was made so that he could not marrie royalty. Thank God for that i didnt want to marrie him anyway, i wasnt to marie someone nice and that i like, not him.

After my leason's on fighting and bow and aroow, the horse riding, I was walking to my chamber when some thing hit me on the back of my head. It was an energy ball and it took the energy out of me i fell to the floor and felt a little sick.

"I bet you think now that your in the first family you are better then me, right?"

"What is your problem Traz?"

"Nothing i just like fighting you thats all, just remember Bloom i was in the first family before you were so iam better, you got it?"

"You will never be better then me"

"Atleast my fathers not dead, unlike yours"

"Atleast my father and mother love me, unlike your"

"Why you.. now your dead, brat"

He got a wind ball his hand then hit me with it,i was in my humon formso i went flying very far, i hit the roof of the plaza where the council and Kai were haveing there lunch, as i hit the roof i heard them yell in fear, i landed with a heard thud that nocked the air out of me, i could barly see anything, but i could see Kai.

"Bloom just hangs on, Get a medic and my father now"

Kai held me in his arms i felt everything spinning around me the wind had been nocked out of me and my eneryg had been taken away from me too. i woke up 2 days later in the medics house when i was feeling better I went back to my chamber, Flamel was there, she was a sprite, a very samll fairy that lived with me, she was my best friend, no one could see her but me, thats because sprites can make themselfs invisable to all but there master so you could say iam her master, even thow i dont think that i am.

"You dont look so good, and were have you been? whats going on?"

"My father is dead, i know his not my real father but it still hurts all the same, and Traz attacked me"

"What? when?"

"Three days ago why?"

"Traz died 2 days ago, he killed himself"


My father and brother came to my chamber, i asked them what had happoned to Traz all they would tell me is that,

"He was upset he found out that his father didnt love him nor did his mother so he went nuts and killed himself, it was no ones falut but it happoned the same times as this did,hes father cacme after the attack to sign over the total control of his childs upbringing,Traz was not ment to see him but somhow he know he was there and came found out the true and killed himself."

"Iam so sorry father"

"Dont be it wasnt me he was signing him over to it was the court, witch means he would have had to be a solider or a bodyguard no one ever said he was royalty, but he wouldnt stop talking about it so we left him to it"

"I would never have him for a real brother anyway, he was to full of himself."

Three weeks have past since i heard the news about my father, and Traz died, my mother Princess Flora of Amber, has come home to see how iam doing.

"My King how is my little one doing?"

"She is growing, strong and fast, she has been much better in school, ever since Traz stop makeing her things disapaer. I cant belive what a change shes made, even with her fathers death she is still growing stronger and better then before, if only he could have seen her grow"

"He saw the most important time in her life her transformation into a truw fea"

"Yes that was good i saw that too"

"I think the whole of Frea saw it to tell you the true"

"So how long do you plain to keep her in the dark about things?"

"Things in Amber are not well i fear a war will break out soon, if and when that happons, i will take Bloom to Amber and she will fight, she may be a second family Princess here but in Amber she is a true Princess, and as a true Princess she must do as a Princess dose and protect her people."

"I respect you and your child, but here people are here, and what of her true father? And hear what i say Flora, that darkness inside her will come out one day, you must be carfull"

"I know that already that is why she must go to Amber soon, and gain her birth right of the full power of the Pattern, then she will be safe, as for her birth father she will meet him there but i will not tell her of him."

"Have it your way then"


"Coming Bloom, your brother would not want her to know, if you respect me you must respect him too,"

I had not heard what they said but then mother came over to me, she helped me with what i was doing, she told me more about Amber as she always did, then as she always dose she left that nigth after she thought i was asleep and had not seen her leave. I wish she would stay with me some time, i miss haveing a real mother.

Little did i know i would miss it more when i turn 19.

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