Crumbling Land epilogue

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(A writeup of the Crumbling Land campaign)

As reliably told by Credo:

We have settled in to our new home. It is a marvellous place full of wonders. I have been more cautious since getting lost in those tunnels but nontheless I've found a few trinkets. My hand is almost better now, Lord Aneuryn refuses to use his powers to heal it. I have my own room, though I think I'll be first to be kicked out into to share a place in the main hall with the grogs if any more esteemed guests arrive.

As midsummer approached Lord Aneuryn suggested we explore the round portal that leads to the Isle of the Dead. Apparently he'd read somewhere that a book was concealed in the Grove of the dead and thinks it maybe on the Isle. I bravely volunteered to go through the door first and when they saw that it was safe they followed me out in to the cave then along a path hidden by seawater. Lady Ophelia found a way up the cliff and again I went first and climbed up. I think they're quite impressed by my bravery. From the clifftop I could see for miles. There was a ship in the distance, other than that the sea stretched to the edge of the world. That is the realm of Manawydn the Sea God.

Walking inland Lord Aneuryn, Lady Ophelia, Grim, Half Grim and I spied a distant settlement. An earthwall topped with stakes. Surely this could not be the work of the mad, and they are the only people that live here. But Lady Ophelia used her powers to look closer and told us she saw a fair haired man on the walls ... a Saxon for sure. Nearby I investigated a startled rabbit which led me to find an equally startled man. He was devilish in appearance, clearly tainted with madness. I kept a close watch on him while Lord Aneuryn questioned him, even taking time to relieve him of his madness, though how he could lift the touch of the Gods is beyond me. The man, named Myden, told us that there were Saxon here, with 3 ships moored. Also we learned there was a grove around the East side, North of the settlement. We sent the man away and skirted around the North side to as to keep out of sight of the Saxons, even though Lord Aneuryn has made us all look like the fair haired devils.

Eventually we made our way to the Grove. I have heard tales of the Groves of Yns Mon and perhaps they were like this. A grove of trees with a circle of stones within. I shied away from the place, for surely it must border on to the Otherworld. We found a man in a small hut reading a scroll. He was dressed in the Roman manner in robes. On talking to him we found him to be sane enough, perhaps he was not mad. He had been here 17 years so he reckoned. Neither the Saxons nor the mad dead bothered him much (bar one soul who stole one of his scrolls to make soup). We wanted the scrolls, he wanted to stay with them, so we struck a deal to keep everyone happy. Grim and his twin Half-Grim hefted the metal chest containing the scrolls and we headed home together with our new friend.