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Crumbling Land

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Ars Magica - Crumbling World

GM: Paul Fricker

Set around 500 AD in a covenant in the Forests on the Welsh border. The Romans have left, the Saxons are coming. Britain is divided into factions ruled by numerous kings, some of whom side with the Angles/ Saxons who have taken root in present day Anglia.

This is a mythic history based on our real one in much the same way as the legends of King Arthur and Merlin.

What I aim to do is to develop the background (with the players) through successive 8 week blocks so that anyone who wants to play can have characters that live in the setting. During an 8 week block at least a year will probably pass allowing characters to develop through magical research and so on even if they do not play in that block. The game will centre around the covenant - the home of the magi. Individual players can have a magi (wizard) and / or companion (a significant character that is not a wizard) and will also have a share in the grogs (fighters). This is not a game where all characters are created equal.

I will post a write up of the previous adventure on the wiki. It is not required that you played in the previous story. Indeed what I would like to do is to get together with the players and develop a few story seeds that they can choose from, allowing some consensus over the style that the 8 week block will take - adventure into faerie, expedition to foreign lands, dungeon bash, intrigue and investigation in a city.

The 5th edition is out now for a bargain promotional price of £15 from leisure games - it's very attractively produced and appears to be a very good rewrite/revision of a game that has been around for around 15 years now.

The game would require between 3 and 5 players.

Existing writeups of the first block: