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The games below will be offered at the Concrete Cow 17 on 18 March 2017. If you have something you'd like to offer, please drop us a line via the UK Roleplayers forum or any of the other places where we publicise Concrete Cow. See the Concrete Cow 17 games page for what was on offer last time.

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Game Slots

To keep some sense of organisation, this is the approximate timetable for the day.

Doors open 9.00am
Morning game sign up 9.40am (ABCDEFGHIJ)
Morning games 10.00am – 1.30pm
Afternoon game sign up   2.10pm (JIHGFEDCBA)
Afternoon games   2.30pm – 6.30pm
Raffle draw 6.30pm
Evening game sign up 7.10pm (EFDGCHBIAJ)
Evening games 7.30pm – 11.00pm
Close 11.00pm

Sign-ups will be on the day only. You may want to learn more about our signup system.

Offering games

You can download blank sign-up sheets as sign-up sheet (MS Word) or sign-up sheet (PDF). (If you're offering a game, please note that you're still responsible for writing your own sign-up sheet; we don't create them for you.)

Send us your game blurbs via the UK Roleplayers forum or any of the other places where we publicise Concrete Cow and we'll put them here!

Note for GMs

If your game has pre-generated characters, please take a look at their demographics. If the pre-gens are mostly straight white men, ask yourself why. If that's what's required by the scenario, fine. If not, please include more diversity in the characters.

If you game involves content that some people might find upsetting, please note that in the game blurb.

If you don't want someone at your table, you have every right to ask them to leave, at any time. You don't have to provide a reason, but please try to remain civil. Ask an organiser to step in if it's needed.

During a game, if you notice that one person's behaviour is making someone else uncomfortable, please don't ignore it. Do something about it. Take note of the harassment policy.

The GenCon Games on Demand advice and parts of How to Run Safer, Accessible, and Inclusive Game Conventions go into much more detail, even if it is rather US-centric.

The Games

Note that, depending on circumstances, not all of these games may run on the day.


I Love the Corps: 28 TRAINS LATER

Not a typical I Love the Corps game, this is Thomas the Tank Engine meets 28 Days Later! Set in the Isle of Sodor, in the modern day, can a group of people trapped inside Annie escape alive? A comedy survival horror. Not for the faint of heart, or for kids.

GM: Christopher Dean
Players: 4-6


I Love the Corps: Pandora's Box

Prepare yourselves for a psychological sci-fi thriller. It is 2450, and you are the Unstoppables, infantry veterans and propaganda darlings of the Corps. You committed a heroic action that helped win the Minos Campaign, and are doubly renowned as every squad member survived three years of one of the deadliest campaigns. The game opens as you awaken from stasis after being sent off to fight in another campaign. You are being urged by marines to evacuate after an attack on their base, and the story propels from there. But where the hell are the lab techs that would normally wake you and check you out and why is the lab door blasted down? Only one way to find out!

GM: Christopher Dean
Players: 4-6