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The games below will be offered at the Concrete Cow 19 on 16 March 2019. If you have something you'd like to offer, please drop us a line via email or any of the other places where we publicise Concrete Cow. See the Concrete Cow 18.5 games page for what was on offer last time.

Game Slots

To keep some sense of organisation, this is the approximate timetable for the day.

Doors open 9.00am
Morning game sign up 9.40am (ABCDEFGHIJ)
Morning games 10.00am – 1.30pm
Afternoon game sign up   2.10pm (JIHGFEDCBA)
Afternoon games   2.30pm – 6.30pm
Raffle draw 6.30pm
Evening game sign up 7.10pm (EFDGCHBIAJ)
Evening games 7.30pm – 11.00pm
Close 11.00pm

Sign-ups will be on the day only. You may want to learn more about our signup system.

Offering games

You can download blank sign-up sheets as sign-up sheet (MS Word) or sign-up sheet (PDF). (If you're offering a game, please note that you're still responsible for writing your own sign-up sheet; we don't create them for you.)

Send us your game blurbs via email or any of the other places where we publicise Concrete Cow and we'll put them here!

Note for GMs

If your game has pre-generated characters, please take a look at their demographics. If the pre-gens are mostly straight white men, ask yourself why. If that's what's required by the scenario, fine. If not, please include more diversity in the characters.

If you game involves content that some people might find upsetting, please note that in the game blurb.

If you don't want someone at your table, you have every right to ask them to leave, at any time. You don't have to provide a reason, but please try to remain civil. Ask an organiser to step in if it's needed.

During a game, if you notice that one person's behaviour is making someone else uncomfortable, please don't ignore it. Do something about it. Take note of the harassment policy.

The GenCon Games on Demand advice and parts of How to Run Safer, Accessible, and Inclusive Game Conventions go into much more detail, even if it is rather US-centric.

The Games

Note that, depending on circumstances, not all of these games may run on the day.


Blue Planet Recontact (version 3): Trouble in Paradise

The heist was supposed to end with you on a white sandy beach in New Jamaica, with a big damn drink in one hand and a distinct lack of cares in the other. So how the hell did you end up hiding out in this backwater hole, clutching a big damn gun and a bloody data spike instead? Poor. Life. Choices.

After 20 years the award winning Blue Planet RPG is finally getting an all-new, 3rd edition. Sign up to be one of the first to journey back to the acclaimed setting - the colonial water world of Poseidon. Take the all-new, evolved Synergy system for a test-"dive," and learn what two decades of real-world technological development, game design evolution and busy imaginations have done to make this great, hard sci-fi game even better.

GM: Neil Smith
Players: 6

The Code of the Spacelanes: Mates Against the Multiverse – a 13th Doctor Adventure

So we all know what it’s been like watching the 13th Doctor, Derek, Ryan and Yaz strut their stuff on the small screen. But what’s it like to BE them?

I’ve got stats for all four of the new main “Tardis Team” and options for up to two “guest stars”.

If no-one has played it before, I'll use my classic "All of Time and Space" adventure - which I've run dozens of times for hundreds of people over the past five years - as the backbone of the session. If anyone is familiar with that adventure, I'll substitute one of my others "Worlds enough and Time" or "The Genre Bender".

GM: Simon Burley
Players: 2-6

Discworld RPG/GURPS Steampunk: Steam Lords of the Ramtops

In the dark brown future of the Disc, there is only ... Whaaaat?

Everything changes. On the Discworld, in less than a century, steam trains have been followed by airships, and semaphores by electricity. But with Uberwaldian steam leviathans massing on the borders of Borogravia, and Quirm investing in devious new naval weapons, the First Council of Ankh-Morpork surely needs very smart agents indeed to keep the peace.

It's got you.

GM: Phil Masters
Players: 5

Kult: Divinity Lost - Leave the Whole World Blind

In the Los Angeles criminal underworld, the old laws are the only laws. "Anyone who maims another shall suffer the same injury in return: fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth." Revenge is sacrosanct, and highly profitable for those that can grant it to those who desire it.

NOTE: Adults only, please - Kult is a game that deals with mature themes

GM: Matt Sanderson
Players: 4


The Code of Times Past: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Marylebone, London, 1901. An unnaturally white hot fire completely consumes an apartment building. Three people - a woman and two men - are trapped inside, their bodies completely consumed in the inferno. Strangely only minimal damage was done to the adjacent properties and the fire burnt itself out before the brave boys of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade could attend. Certainly a mystery worthy of the talents of the Great Detective. But Holmes and Watson were the ones killed in the blast - so its down to you.

GM: Simon Burley
Players: 2-6

DramaSystem: The Taming of São Roque

Rio de Janeiro, 1889. Antônio Torres wants election to the city council. He's going to show he's tough by ridding the parish of São Roque of the criminal capoeira gang. But the São Roque gang has a lot of support, whether driven by love, fear, or profit. How will Aranha, the gang leader, react to Antônio's moves? Will Thiago, to bought-off gang member, regret his decision? Will Mama Fonesca take a stand or carry on paying protection money? And what will be the repercussions for Antônio himself?

As a DramaSystem game, this is about people's emotional wants and what they'll do to get them. A game of melodrama and scenery-chewing against a backdrop of sun, poverty, and samba.

GM: Neil Smith
Players: 5

Shadowrun (Anarchy): A Simple Suit Snatch

Sounds simple enough, pick up the rivals researcher for Johnson, willing extraction, and deliver. You got a job, as he needs deniability IF something goes wrong.

So what’s the twist...

GM: Mark Steedman
Players: 6

Trail of Cthulhu: The Curse on Wheal Lion

The year is 1778, and Matthew Boulton is in Cornwall, supervising the installation of Boulton & Watt steam engines in the local mines. However, one small mine is giving no end of trouble, with a rash of unpleasant accidents -- and the superstitions of the local workers have made Mr Boulton most suspicious. And so Mr Boulton has written to his friends in the Lunar Society of Birmingham, and the Lunar Society, which has learned of some strange secrets over the years not to be mentioned in their regular correspondence, have despatched a band of their exceptional associate members and unusually capable employees to put paid to these nonsensensical tales of curses -- whether or not they be true.

A pulp-mode tale of dark mysteries and peculiar secrets, and of those In Service to the Lunar Men. Note that this is a bit experimental, as the GM is playing with some new ideas here...

GM: Phil Masters
Players: 5


Board & Card Games...

...will be available should anyone be without a game