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Champions Timeline

Series 1: Champions at last

Two years ago the world changed, a group of teen heroes chased a mentally disturbed super-villain into a high school, five minutes after the school broke up. The resulting 300+ deaths of men, women and children caused the Freedom League to stop looking for threats from the stars. They set up the Claremont Academy and began to train the next generation of heroes. This is the story of the first set of graduates.

Series 1.5: through the looking glass (guest GM John Ellis)

The team are now under investigation for the Actions of one of its members. During a routine training exercise something terrible happens as 4D the portal jockey uses his power, sending the champions into a World unlike their own where they will need to learn Evil can be good if used right.

Series 2: Coming in July

Fallout from Iron Maiden as her mother tries to claim all her copyrights


Who are the Champions? Find out inside.


Who opposes the Champions? Details this way