Series 1: Champions at last

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Episode 1.1 – We are the Champions

As our heroes are unveiled to the public a major publicity machine kicks into place. The heroes are everywhere – lunchboxes, their own cartoon series even adverts. Everything possible to get the concept of superheroes back into people’s brains. Some of the heroes have well established backgrounds others do not. 4-D, Weaver and Preacher are taken to the bank by Claudia Colbert, the teams PR guru to sort out bank accounts for their new identities. Whilst there the bank gets robbed by the Royal Flush Gang King and Jack fly around the room on their playing cards while Ten commands five mooks to grab the cash. Iron Maiden was able to enter the bank when no-one was looking. The heroes were prepared to wait and follow the robbers when they made good their escape. But their plans were foiled by an undercover government agent and Heatwave. While Slipstream generated a hurricane outside to keep Ace and Queen busy, Slipstream surrounded each villain inside with a ring of fire. Pushed into action 4-D portaled out the civilians, then the mooks to prison while the other three took out King, Jack and Ten. Thanks to Wild Card, Slipstream lost control of the whirlwind and by the time he regained control had lost Ace and Queen and shattered several windows of the neighbouring skyscrapers. As punishment he had to replace the glass.

Episode 1.2 – The Devil’s music

Episode 1.3 – Zombie Pirate Tractors

4-D Weaver Preacher Iron Maiden Heatwave Slipstream