Urban Faerie

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Self-proclaimed "beer-and-crisps" RPG with rules designed to be simple enough to be played while drunk. The PCs are all faeries who have adapted to life in an urban environment, much like pigeons and rats, including familiar species such as Goblins, Gremlins, Dryads and Redcaps as well as a few new bretherin like Blaggers (thieving little bastards), BPFs (or Big Poncy Faeries, who look like elves from Lord of the Rings and rejoice in belittling everyone around them) or Dumplings (sentient bowel movements. Really).

With this combination of background and mechanics, it's pretty much a given that games are going to be fast, chaotic and extremely silly. Also, given the fact that faeries don't much like filthy humans, are bound only by the loosest of morals, have unpleasant magick at their disposal and are, on the whole, invisible to people means that while there may be a slight element of plot to a game, most of the time will be spent screwing over antagonists, innocent bystanders and fellow PCs. Character generation takes about five minutes once you're used to it, so game sessions can cope with an almost Paranoia-like level of PC attrition.

The tone of the game is light-hearted, irreverent, rude and very, very British. It is published by Postmortem Studios and can be purchased as a PDF from RPGNow.

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Urban Faerie session one