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Troubled Waters

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A campaign for HeroQuest, as published in the RuneQuest supplement River of Cradles. The Narrator is Neil Smith.

For whatever reasons, you've drifted into the city of Pavis, the festering 'jewel' that is the only city in the desolate plains of Prax. Whether it's to make your fortune, of just to keep body and soul together, you took on the contract. Simple: escort some valuable ancient artefacts from the Big Rubble, down the River of Cradles, to a broker in the 'port' of Corflu.

But you never got there. Your boat was smashed by something and you awoke on some mudflat with nothing but questions and the marks on your hands where you were touched by a God. Do the answers lie back in Pavis, and what destiny awaits you there?

A dynamic campaign that acts both as an introduction to what lies along the Nile-esque River of Cradles, and a vehicle for making your characters movers and shakers in its politics.

All sorts of information is at http://www.glorantha.com.