Time and Tide - Supporting Cast

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What relationships do our main characters have and what sort of network of interconnections does that create?

Leo Black Knows...

  • His Great Aunt Elspeth, a sprightly & energetic woman who is involved in many pensioner's clubs & activities, she is very much one of the Older Generation for whom the scars of the events in 1928 still run deep.
  • Dr. Jessica Morgan, the chief researcher at the NOAA station, who is reluctantly providing a base and cover for the machinations of the DOD.
  • Alan 'Shit' Creek is the chief reporter on the local paper, snidely referred to by outsiders as the 'Innsmouth Look'. He has created a lot of unwelcome attention for the mayoral office in the past and is relishing the current scandal.
  • Herod Black, Leo's grandfather, who has been living in a secret chamber under the Black residence.

Robert McLeod Knows...

  • Dwight Patten, a property developer from out of town who acts as the mayor's catspaw in certain business matters.
  • Jane McLeod, the mayor's wife who has been covering for him in his absence.
  • Agent Angela Green, a spook of unknown affiliation who has been under the cover of the NOAA and making life generally difficult.
  • Samuel Petersen, his main political rival and would-be mayor.

Dillon Seagrave Knows...

  • Jadviga, his girlfriend and the owner of the Age of Aquarius bookshop.
  • Dominic Seagrave, his grandfather and former head of the Esoteric Order of Dagon.
  • Lizzy Seagrave, his grandmother and main connection to the dark history of Innsmouth
  • Mrs. Cartwright, an Innsmouth native who has decided it is time to return to the sea
  • Various local pagans, now mostly dead

Will Navidson Knows...

  • The mysterious head of the Dagon faction, who is determined to keep the treasures of Innsmouth from the hands of out-of-town thieves.
  • The staff of his hotel, who are a bunch of miscreants, ne'er-do-wells and general thugs.

Kristina Johansen Knows...

  • Jadviga, who is her main contact in the local pagan community.

Factions in Innsmouth

Followers of Mother Hydra

  • Kristina Johansen

Followers of Father Dagon

  • Mysterious head of the order

Followers of both the Father and the Mother

  • Dominic Seagrave

Followers of Great Cthulhu

  • Robert McLeod
  • Will Navidson

Mysterious Government Agency

  • Angela Green


  • Dillon Seagrave