Time and Tide - Introduction

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What's Going on in Innsmouth?

Why are we interested in Innsmouth at this point? What has just happened that makes picking up the stories of these characters' lives right now so much more interesting than at any other time? Perhaps...

The Scandal

  • The Mayor...
    • ...has vanished!
    • And human remains have been found on his boat, belonging to an unknown woman.
    • His absence has led to a struggle to control the destiny of the town.

Civic Pride

Since the bombing of Devil Reef in 1928, Innsmouth has tried to forget its dark past, even changing the name of the town to New Gloucester. Now, though, there is a movement to embrace the town's heritage and return to its original name. There is a rededication ceremony planned to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the raid, when the town will once again become Innsmouth. Who is really behind this and what is their true agenda?