The Glittering Trumpet of Kutaraja: Angkor Wat

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The GM's sheet for the Angkor Wat port of call.

Act One

In Media Res

As the picaros arrive, a section of temple collapses, trapping Delaporte and some of his men in a chamber beneath!

Introduce Key GMCs

  • Louis Delaporte
  • Sok Sothoy
  • Louis Leonowens (coincidentally, connected to Loki's school of magic).

Establish Seeds

  • Mohit: Visions of spirits on Angkor Wat.
  • Loki: Best a stegosaurus!
  • Charlie: Delaporte has a valuable Atlantean artefact. Steal it.
  • Lady T: Defeat Leonowens in a duel

Act Two

Key GMCs appear and reveal Wants

  • Delaporte: Secure the Atlantean vault and take the contents to France.
  • Sothoy: Drive all Europeans from Angkor Wat, and preserve the stegosauruses
  • Leonowens: Keep a lid on things, persuade the picaros of Mambo's plot, and woo Lady T.

Describe GMC relationshhips

  • Delaporte → Sothoy: A quaint local guide, nothing more.
  • Sothoy → Delaporte: A rapacious European, here to steal everything.
  • Sothoy → Leonowens: Either European or Thai, there is no good in him.
  • Leonowens → Sothoy: An uppity Khmer subject, to be put in her place.
  • Leonowens → Delaporte: An ungrateful colonist who needs to understand what Leonowens can do for him.
  • Delaporte → Leonowens: Of course, he's here to protect the French mission.

If the picaros don't interfere...

Delaporte opens the cache; the backlash (predictably) kills some stegosaurus calves. The rest of the herd stampedes, killing various people around.

Sothoy curses Delaporte, afflicting him with various spirits.

Leonowens attacks Sothoy, but his Khmer auxiliaries rebel against this action.

Delaporte, the surviving French, Leonowens, and the Thai cavalry flee into the jungle, pursued by Sothoy's spirits and a few stegosauruses she can send their way.

Leonowens gains control of the stegosauruses and sends them back to Angkor Wat.

Act Three

Suggest destinations

  • Samarkand: Abdul Malik Tura's name is still on Phisut's list.
  • Chichen Itza: Alice de Plongeon has the pendant to open the cache from Angkor Wat.
  • Nan Madol: The Glittering Trumpet points there, and a beachcomber there may know more (mentioned by Delaporte or Sok).


  • Delaporte is condescending towards Mohit and Charlie, expecting them to carry his bags and equiment.
  • Delaporte seeks the picaros' help in finding and opening the Atlantean vault
  • Delaporte asks the picaros to smuggle some artefacts from Angkor to Paris.
  • Delaport offers a picaro a place on his mini-expedition to shoot a stegosaurus and take a trophy.
  • Delaporte orders Leonowens to arrest the uppity picaros.
  • Sothoy asks Mohit and Charlie to reject the other picaros.
  • Sothoy asks the picaros to sabotage Delaporte's mission.
  • Sothoy offers to help with magical research, in return for driving off Delaporte and/or Leonowens.
  • Sothoy shows great affection for Mohit, somewhere between maternal and romantic.
  • Sothoy want the picaros to protect the stegosauruses from Delaporte and Leonowens.
  • Leonowens tells Loki about Mambo's plot, asks her to turn over Mambo's notes to stop it.
  • Leonowens wines and dines Lady T before any duel, is very complimentary about her.
  • Leonowens asks someone (Mohit? Charlie?) to spy on Sothoy and report what she's up to.
  • Leonowens shows the stegosauruses to Loki and asks her to help keep them safe from Delaporte.
  • Leonowens sells any information about Sothoy to Delaporte, in exchange for his gratitude.
  • Leonowens offers to protect the picaros from Delaporte, but then betrays them.