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We had our first PC crisis scene right at the start of the session, when I got 3 successes over Dave as he tried to have Andrew attack Gronds, hence the many hospital references in this session.

Another Agenda

At the end of the session, Prendergast accused Andrew of making up all this stuff as part of an elaborate charade designed to clear his wife's name; Dave therefore brought his personal agenda of 'Find my wife' into the conflict with Prendergast, thus completing it and allowing me to end the session with the big reveal! I only came up with the idea of her ebing undercover at the Farm during the previosu session, so it was great to be able to use it.


We're closing in on the end of the story now, but the big dilemma facing the players is: do they ally with the Pure in order to save the East End from radiation poisoning, or do they sacrifice all those lives and try to get rid of all these EDEs?