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NPCs in Conflict

There was an amusing moment as Prendergast, Gronds and Blenkinsop all argued for the authority to debrief John, so I dealt out the index cards with the latter two NPCs to Dave and Tony while I played Prendergast. We all rolled for an NPC and Prendergast won the three-way conflict by a narrow margin.


This may be the greatest disparity between the stakes set by a conflict and its actual outcome I've ever bene witness to... The stake set by Dave for his character, Andrew, was to escape the Whipping Boy; the stake I set for the WB was to maim Andrew. Dave rolled just higher, but his highest die was a negative one... so yes, Andrew did get away, but in doing so he and half of London were apparently doomed to a lingering death by radiation sickness. Too harsh? Maybe, but it really gave the rest of the session an intense, urgent feeling, with the conspirators behind the scenes helpless to wacth some of their plans unravel and be prematurely exposed.


An issue we had with this episode and the previous one was that venturing outside London tended to detach the player characters fron their relationships, so the aim for the next episode is to get back into London for some more personal conflicts.

The Russians are... going?

Tony completed his first factional agenda for John; it was an overall success, but with two negative marks againts it. Tony's resolution, as stated, involved John telling his unit about the bountiful fare available around the Site; Dave added spin to this by remarking on the unit's dissatisfaction with being reduced to the status of a tribe of hunter-gatherers, only they are a tribe made entirely of young men, without any women. My spin was the decision to sever their last loyalty to the Soviet Union and have them desert, leaving John in the cold and fending for himself in London. This met with Tony' approval, so his next factional agenda will be with the SSG!