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Reverse Stakes

John's idea of getting out of London led to an interesting application of the rules within the framework of open gaming; I set the stakes to be that he would be caught by the guards if he won the conflict and would enter the barrier if he failed, the reason being that the barrier was deadly to anyone who tried to cross it. Therefore, it was in the character's best interests, and therefore Tony, the player's, to fail, even though John, the character, was trying to succeed.


Another good application of open gaming came about in John's dialogue with Gordon Prendergast, who was attempting to dicreetly sound out John about the possibility of eliminating Jake Stoner. Tony knew up front what the subtext of the conversation was all about and where Gordon was leading it to, but as Tony lost the conflict, John remanined oblivious to the depths of Gordon's malignity (again) and came away from it just wondering why Gordon had seemed to lose interest in him so suddenly...