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Team Work

Before getting started properly on this session, we talked about where we all wanted it to go; one concern that was voiced was the strong possibility of the two lead protagonists actively trying to kill each other as a result of the potential ambush of the British (including Andrew) by the Soviets (including John) at the factory. That's why this episode ended up being something of a team building exercise: I deliberately threw them into the deep end of a major crisis to give the characters an opportunity to work together and build some trust between them, giving them a strong in-character incentive to work together that hadn't come across in previous episodes where they were largely doing their own things separately.

Fiona the Spy, Part 3

Ironically, this was the first time Alice Hinds has had any major screen time, but it seemed apt that she and the major should both be getting something out of it. They are both pragmatic characters at heart, so Andrew's attempted spying in her brothel was easily forgiven as a silly prank... but how soon will Andrew forgive Alice for the beating of Fiona? And how much closer has Fiona grown to Alice after witnessing the converstaion in the Poulson's kitchen? The matter of Hugo's attempted murder was hushed up by Anrdew by revealing his SSG clearance to the reverend, so Fiona is unaware that Hugo tried to kill her father...

A Complete Agenda

David completed the first agenda of the game by establishing fully his wife's innocence of any accusations of betrayl, but also discovered that she had faked her death and may still be alive somewhere! This naturally opens the new agenda of finding her, but we knew this situation would come about from before the first episode. Dave's original idea for his personal agenda was finding his wife, from whom he had become separated in the upheaval of the war, but I liked the idea so much that I wanted the story to run over more than one agenda, so I put forward the idea that his character, Andrew, should initially believe his wife was dead and only after completing his first agenda would he discover a glimmer of hope... we'll see where it goes now ;-)