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Stormwatch- Once upon a Time

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World History

1900 - Some of the babies born on the 1st of January 1900 are 'century' babies. As they grow, each displays certain superhuman abilities and skills. They all appear immortal (not aging beyond their 20's) but can be, and often are, killed. This is invariably because of the extraordinary lives they lead.

1940's - Team Zero formed; an extreme black ops team which laid the template for teams that followed.

1960's - Team One formed to deal with a Daemonite incursion. The first official superteam of this universe, their children participated in the super teams that followed.

Late 1960's - Team Seven, an extreme black ops team formed by International Operations. Members were purposely exposed to the Gen-Factor which gave them powerful psychic powers.

1970's - Stormwatch created; Due to increase in superhuman activity, the United Nations form Stormwatch to monitor world situations and assist only when asked by the host nation. Stormwatch is run by Henry Bendix (formerly of Team One).

1980's - Daemonite/Kherubim war spills out onto the earth.

1990's - Majority of Stormwatch One perish in the Gulf War. Eighteen months later Stormwatch Prime is launched.