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Disclaimer: The Wildstorm Universe was founded in 1992 by Jim Lee's company Aegis entertainment. It was sold to DC Comics in 1999. Therefore: This game, Stormwatch is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Wildstorm productions. Stormwatch, WildC.A.T.s, everything else, and distinctive likenesses thereof are TM and copyright 1998 Jim Lee and Ageis Entertainment, and are used without permission.

The characters below are taken from the Wildstorm comics and are also used without permission and are copyrighted as above.

Christine Trelane

Christine Trelane

Christine's powers allow her to activate the mostly latent powers of the Seedlings. As one of only a handful of Activators on Earth, Christine is invaluable and therefore given mostly administrative duties.

Henry Bendix

Weatherman One

During the 1960s, he worked for the US government, developing a mobile weapon that was operated through a combination of manual controls and cybernetic uplink. It was dubbed "Think Tank".

He was recruited into Team One, a secret task force designed to deal with the emerging Daemonite threat. Team One was dissolved following its first mission. The actual tank was destroyed by Daemonites, causing energy to surge into Bendix's brain. The experience gave Bendix a lifelong interest in Earth's secret history. In 1978, he was appointed to the post of Weatherman One, head of StormWatch, the United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team. During that time, he was outfitted with cybernetic implants that granted him direct cybernetic link to Skywatch's operating systems.

Jackson King


Jackson King was the son of Isaiah King, a former member of Team One. Isaiah King was exposed to the radiation of a special comet that passed close to Earth. Many who were exposed to this comet became superhuman and were known as "Comet Enhanciles" or "Seedlings". Jackson became part of the U.N. superhuman crisis team, Stormwatch Prime, under the codename Battalion.



United Nations Special Directive 1008 determined a joint production by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and General Dynamics (Space Craft Division) to construct a space platform in orbit, using lunar soil, primarily titanium alloys.

The crash project took 3.2 years. The SkyWatch Space Platform is tasked with the observation of the Earth’s surface and some of its sub surface to detect early indicators of acts of terrorism, counter societal activities and technical ill use (primarily nuclear).

Skywatch is empowered with aggressive self-protection and limited but decisive ground directed precision intervention.

Skywatch’s Prime directive is to safeguard the entire planet by deploying its Stormwatch operatives to defuse global crises before they become disasters. Skywatch has a crew of eight thousand highly trained and specialised personnel to support the Stormwatch team.