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Week 1 – We the People…

They are Battalion, Cannon, Crusher, Diva, Farenheit, Panda and Shadow Dancer. Alongside Henry Bendix they are presented by UN Liasion John Windsor to the UN Security Council as Stormwatch Prime.

The team then assemble outside and pose for photographs with various delegates. A large group of around 2,000 protestors, loudly campaign against Stormwatch. As they began to get rowdy and press in Stormwatch are forced into action protecting the retreating delegates. Worryingly the meta-human population of the world just went up by a factor of ten, as the protesters display superior strength and are able to climb up sheer glass walls.

Week 2 – Fighting in the streets

While faced with a crowd of 2000 rioters Stormwatch Prime struggled and got webbed. Then the rest of New York helped out and webbed up the protestors. Bendix contacted the Mayor and arranged for New York to be locked down.

Establishing a base at Richards Research laboratories, Bendix began testing the captured people. Meanwhile Shadow Dancer listened out on police radio bands and began to get a picture of how bad the spider plague was. New York City itself was the epicenter and it was spreading to the outer boroughs. Panda noticed a spike in pest control callouts three days earlier before researching and then locating Jade Spider, who Bendix believed was Patient Zero. Crusher was sent to help hold the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shadow Dancer was going to help but was tasked to go to NYU and recruit Professor Miles Warren. Panda went to collect Jade Spider and got a parting in her fur. Jade Spider came along willingly as she was expecting someone to collect her. Crusher helped persuade everyone back into their cars only to see cars being tossed off the bridge on the other side.

Shadow Dancer learned that Miles Warren had been kicked out of NYU for illegally experimenting on students. He recruited Miles’ replacement and got some addresses for Miles. Panda learned there was a medium with spider powers and collected her also. Crusher found a large Man-Spider moving his way along the bridge to the barricade. After a fight Crusher stopped him.

All three met back at base where they learned the virus was mutating, on the plus side people already with powers seemed immune. The giant Man-Spider was placed in a holding cell. The Medium was analysed while Jade Spider was interrogated by Bendix. We discovered she had been one of the students Miles Warren had sampled. We also learned from initial infestation all of New York would be spiderised within 86 hours. They went to Warren’s labs and discovered some meta-human villains trashing the place. Crusher decked one of them with assistance from Shadow Dancer. There are three left in the room and one outside. Panda discovered a lone one (Thrasher) raiding filing cabinets on behalf of the Thinker who offered him a cure for his condition.

Week 3 – Come into my parlour

At the warehouse back up was called in as Crusher and Shadow Dancer faced off against three Meta-humans while Panda tried to get some sense out of Shocker. Backup turned up in the form of [Stormwatch-_Characters |Battalion]], Hellstrike and Winter. Battalion immediately ran into the building while Rhino ran into his colleagues. Panda got through to Thrasher just before he entered phase 2 of the virus and converted into a were-spider. Hellstrike and Winter entertained Rhino while Battalion and Shadow Dancer fought the meta-humans. Everything was very tit-for-tat until Battalion killed one of the MH. Rhino charged out of the building allowing Hellstrike and Winter to help Panda contain the Were-Spider and hand him over to the containment team. Returning to base Bendix informs them the source of the virus has been discovered and will be neutralised in approx. 24 hours. However estimates now that a million people have been infected with another seven million infected in just over 62 hours. They are ordered to chill out and rest, however four hours later the alarms go off. The team have ten minutes to clear the civilians out of the Spider-King’s holding area before the room is napalmed. The King is vomiting approx. a million spiders and breaking out of his cell. There are ten civilians in there. The room also contains the power core to the base which was going through “routine maintenance” and needs to be secured. The team enter the room and start evacuating people. Shadow Dancer starts teleporting people out, Winter tells scientists in the decontamination shower to leave, Battalion helps shut the reactor down. Hellstrike starts destroying the spiders while Panda monitors the situation from the security room and checks the DNA analysis. Discovering that the Spider King is actually America’s number one hero Patriot, the team are ordered not to kill, or allow the creature to be napalmed in the next two minutes. Battalion and Hellstrike combine to take out half the spiders. However Battalion is attacked by the King and develops Arachnophobia. Panda breaks the King’s hold on Battalion by sending a feedback shriek through the speakers, this disorientates the King but charges Winter up enough to blast him unconscious. The team then get themselves and the King into the panic room as napalm destroys the remaining spiders. They succeeded in containing and destroying the spider, saved 80% of the hostages and saved Patriot.

Week 4 – GM on Holiday

Week 5 – Protect the Mayor





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