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Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs A

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Episode One: Hoth

Part 1 – Whiteout

The mercenary group received a message from a contact calling himself ‘Mr Dark’ offering 60,000 credits for a job. The job involved delivering an unknown package to a Science facility on Hoth; Mr Dark added that he lost contact with the facility over a month ago, so requires the team to take his DATA slicer with them.

During the flight to pick up the package and the slicer one of the crew got a call from an old friend with a few jobs he wanted done at the facility, one was planting a few experimental bombs and the other was stealing the Bio suit named the Black Scorpion. He also wanted the facility head dead.

As the mercenaries ship entered the Hoth system it was hit by a weird energy that made all the mercenaries but Zao really sleepy and the engines go as fast as they could. Tarrin investigated why the engines wouldn’t slow down to find the system was locked on full throttle. Quickly grabbing her tools she fixed the issue just before the effects of the energy knocked her out cold. Zao quickly grabbed the ship captain Azi and started to examine her looking for what caused the incident. Strangely the captains brain function had almost completely stopped, acting quickly so not to lose the captain he whipped up a stimulant that countered the Energy wave. Upon entering the Cock pit he noticed that Hoth was getting very close and pulled the Steering column up, so the ship didn’t crash. Then woke the pilot and co-pilot, knowing the ship would need it’s mechanic he woke Tarrin. Leaving the two new members of the mercenary group taken on by Azi till last. The crew started to wake having nice colourful hallucinations, and feeling a little worse for wear.

After recovering Tarrin looked further into why the Engines wouldn’t cut out and found that the energy pulse had a message, ‘all that sleep awaken now’ and this seems to have stopped the engines cooling down like they should have. Tarrin showed Zao the message and they both agreed that it was incredibly unhelpful. During this time Azi ordered his flight crew to land on Hoth, the ship entered the atmosphere with no problems but once within the atmosphere the flight crew were flying blind due to a planet wide snow storm. The planets temperature was a lovely -55 degrees Celceus and as they landed the engines whined with the temperature changes. The Sith where in their quarters and tried to reach out and assess the situation. As they did something jumped on their force wavelengths and started to play with their minds. Razul the inquisitor, had an annoying child singing to him in his head. Kadrin had a voice telling him that the ship was too noisy and he should end the crews lives and then he would be able to enjoy the silence. Kadrin managed to fight the voice off and Razul wasn’t enjoying the Singing. Azi entered his quarters to find him grimacing in discomfort and he wanted to silence the singing but was unsure how to. Azi retrieved Kadrin from his room, he seemed very quiet when Azi, Razul and Kardrin rejoined the group. Razul stated that they weren’t alone on this planet. The mercenaries deliberated as to what they would do next leave the engines running and only have an hour and a half before the fuel reached dangerous levels or switch them off and risk having to take three quarters of an hour defrosting the engines by hand. After a while they decided to power the engines down and reheat them later. Upon leaving the ship the mercenaries stayed close as the visibility was very low. Starting towards the science facility they heard a noise Azi, Zao and Tarrin ran towards the facility the two sith continued slowly till they heard 2 lightsabers ignite. Turning just in time the creatures missed their targets by a hair, all the sith could see was a desiccated arm the fleash was bearly hanging onto the bone the lightsaber was blood red and a robed arm with a second red lightsaber. Razul ued the force to strike both, then Kadrin opened up with force lightning three times causing one of the sith to convulse. It dropped to the snow melting a small area and forming a puddle that then froze over. Razul sliced one Sith across his chest knocking him back into the snow motionless. Kadrin felt weird as his physical form collapsed to the floor, his force form appeared within a room with no doors or windows. It looked like an elegant manor house, all that was in the room was a table, sitting on this was a 3 foot demon that told him “the one you seek is behind that wall”. Kadrin ignored him the first time, the demon then said “Davin is behind that wall” at which point Kadrin attempted to grab the demon but failed allowing him to vanish and reappear behind him. The demon angrily said “that wasn’t nice I told you, Davin is behind that wall” at which point Kadrin used the force to Propel the Table though the wall causing his force form back into his physical body damaging his link to the force. During this time Azi, Zao and Tarrin reached the Hanger Door for the Science facility to find it frozen closed. Frozen guard droids were around the doorway and saw that a layer of ice had formed around the doors keypad. Zao ripped the ice layer off and Tarrin tried to hack the console. The data Slicer pushed her aside and opened the door with relative ease. The large door slowly hunkered open and was helped along by Tarrin. Entering the hanger Azi, Zao and Tarrin saw a frozen hanger the Droids on patrol were frozen mid stride. The Droid Space fighters were frozen to their Release Racks on the roof of the hanger. There were also two dead scientists near the entrance to the main facility, from the hanger Zao inspected them and found that the wounds they had suffers came from a finger bone. The door into the main facility was broken outwards, one was still on its hinges. Tarrin placed her hand on the door and got a short sharp pain a expermentail creature had bitten her with almost immediately effect she started feeling ill. Zao impaled the experiment and placed it into a sample tube for later testing. After a quick examination of Tarrin by Zao he concluded that this creature had infected Tarrin with a Virus that binds itself to the central nervous system and causes the infected to slowly get weaker and weaker till they eventually can’t even Breath or move and end up dying due to lack of signals from the brain getting anywhere else. Tarrin asked Zao “if I start to turn into anything alien end it for me please” Zao nodded yes. The two sith caught up with the group as the DATA slicer stated they need to get the power back up. Azi said “lead the way” to the nervous Slicer, after some convincing he lead then down a stair case passed four labs and to a set of lifts where he told them with no power were going to have to climb down. All the mercenaries but Azi made it down without issue, one of Azi’s hands slipped on a red substance coating the ladder.

When the mercenaries arrived on the 3rd floor they saw the power plant and noticed that the main reactor had a square shaped hole which might be the reason there was no power. The back-up generator was undamaged and all that was needed was for someone to turn the generator back on. Once the generator activated the mercenaries could see the roof was covered with undead humans seemingly frozen to the roof. With the back-up generator now online and heating the room up the mercenaries decided to move quick. As Azi was about to give the order she noticed that Tarrin and the Slicer where missing. They had run on ahead to get the Data, Tarrin discovered the logs for the Head scientist and the New head scientist accessible by the slicer from the Hangers computer systems. She also discovered that there was a cure for the virus that she was infected with. There were a number of experiments on the go and one was a genetic experiment to combine the best fighters, warriors, thinkers, scoundrels and some of the darkest Sith lords though-out out time. There was a list of ten names that where labelled leaders of the master race Szayel Grantz was amongst the names. Azi Called Tarrin over the coms to find he was on the upper level. While leaving the reactor room Kadrin felt something grab his leg, with one swift move he sliced the Creature into two parts. Zao had Kardin put the parts in a bag it was similar to the one that had bitten Tarrin but this one didn’t seem to have a mouth to bit with unlike the other. Upon regrouping with Tarrin the mercenaries noticed a Squad of Snow troopers not used since the Rebellion Era. Slowly and sluggishly the Troopers raised their weapons and fired missing every shot. Zao, Tarrin and Azi decided to fight the troopers. The Sith’s stepped back to the wall and watched the fight, the Snow troopers missing every shot and were getting hit with Razor bugs. While the mercenaries were distracted by the snow troopers they failed to notice the Mandalorian squad sneaking up from behind. The Mandalorians spotted Razul and Kadrin first and opened fire. The Mandalorians being more highly trained than the snow troopers hit their targets. Razul adsorbed the energy bolt whereas Kadrin got hit with one of the bolts. Kadrin rushed the Mandalorian Commander striking his armour and knocking him back a step. Razul used the force to propel a droid at one of the Mandalorian troopers. Azi, Zao and Tarrin finished the Snow troopers off turned around to see the Sith fighting the Mandalorians. With one collapsed on the floor and three more fighting, the Commander saw one more of his men fall and reached behind his back. He activated a thermal detonator dropping it and got ready to fight again. Razul grabbed the thermal detonator from the ground and propelled it out the door and knocked a Passing Wampa out. Azi and Tarrin opened fire on the remaining Mandaloorians, dropping them to the floor, Razul suddenly collapsed.

To Be continued…