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The thing is inside you. Watching, waiting, hungering, demanding, powerful. It has a name. It has a purpose. Perhaps a good one. More often a private hellish need and desire. Yes, you have a daemon and it does not sit on a shoulder quietly. No, it tells you what it wants.

Sorcerer is an adult game where the moral and ethical demands of life are skewed. You are a rare breed of person. One who has recognised the powers the world can offer and use it. Almost everyone else is ignorant (and perhaps beneath you?) But there are other sorcerers and you KNOW who they are. Maybe not the first time you meet them. Maybe not even the second time. But one day you will see that the walking cane has an eye. A real blinking eye that watches. And like your daemon hungers for it's own peculiar nourishment. Can you stand by watching it feed? Can you avoid helping it? Or do you share in it's thirst and join it in moral decay and madness?

Players can lose all of their humanity and end up worse than the daemon they have helping them through life. Not a game for the squeamish or those troubled with real moral dilemmas.

Sorcerer - An Intense Role-Playing Game by Ron Edwards

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