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(A list of places used in the Nobilis MK game.)

It is said that a foolish mortal once opened a gate to hell in an attempt to save his love. That story's end is lost to the mists of time, but it is assumed to be a tragic one. It is said that the Ash Lands were where that gate was opened. Though the fires has long since died, choking heat still fills the air of that place. The cinders have lain cold and still for as long as anyone has known, yet tormented screams still carry on the breeze. Flames writhe at the edges of vision, disappearing if one tries to focus directly upon them. Pain and terror drift like smoke in the wind.
Bleak Hall
Laughter and smiles are forbidden within the domicile of the Bleak Lord, as is music, hope, and any speech above a whisper. It is rumoured that his wife left him for another. It is rumoured that he lost a son. It is rumoured that an angel stole his laughter for a necklace and his smile for a ring. There are many rumours. Whatever the truth of the matter, you would be wise to abide by his laws when under his roof.
Bradwell, Bradwell Common, New Bradwell
There is a giant chained beneath the earth. Over time, wells have been sunk through the rock of his prison and deep into his veins. The first was drilled into his heart, and conferred immortality. The second was drilled into his groin and granted fertility to even the most barren of people. In time each ran dry. A new one has recently been dug, into his eye, and the rich, red fluid bubbles and steams at the up to the surface. It is rumoured to grant Sight, but with it, madness.
At first glance, many mistake the great bird for a mere statue, albeit an exquisitely carved and painted one. If one is patient, however, and watches closely for a while, it becomes clear that the wings are slowly, so very slowly, starting to unfurl, that the bird is in the process of taking to the air. One word is carved upon the plinth: hope. It is not known what will happen when hope takes flight.
Few who see the dark brothers return to tell the tale, yet there are still those who attempt to seek them out. It is said that the monks have the power to give the worthy their heart's desire, to change an old life for a new one, to offer a second chance, the opportunity to atone for past mistakes. No one knows how they judge who is worthy and who is not.
In the centre of a blasted plain stands a tower. Not that you could tell what shape it is beneath the seething mass of rooks that roost upon it. It is whispered that the birds of rooksey know the future. For a price - the eye of a drowned child, the heart of an honest man - they will tell you your fortune, good or ill. It is said that all who visit here come to regret it.
Stony Stratford
A river of liquid stone meanders its lazy way towards the horizon. The river may be crossed by stepping on the boulders of solid water - not ice, water arrested mid-flow - that protrude above the surface.
Few pass through this place where Old Man Winter is said to make his home. Cold reigns here, even when a few steps beyond is sweltering beneath the summer sun. Frozen statues, scattered here and there, serve as a reminder of why it is unwise to tarry here.
Tread carefully in the land of Wolves that Walk Like Men. 'Tis true, they seem a friendly enough folk, but beware those wide smiles and firm handclasps. Refuse - politely, mind - that offer of refreshments and a soft bed for the night. And, whatever you do, don't run. Yes, I know we had no trouble, but the sun was blazing down. At night, well, that's a different story. Night is when they Change. Night is when they hunt.
Wolverton Mill
Home of the Wolverton miller. He'll grind your bones to make his bread.