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Wikipedia articles on Portland and the Scilly Isles. Note that the Scilly Isles aren't technically in Wessex, but who says we have to stay there?

It's nice to see that there hasn't been an operational nuclear reactor in Dorset since 1990.

Some opionions of the Moon in the Square. I especially like the description of the clientelle. "During the day it's full of old men smoking and watching underage girls adjusting their mini ra-ra skirts whilst trying to get served a malibu and pineapple. During the evening it's very much the same although the male clientele are younger and louder."

A fairly basic page about Maiden Castle. It's not a castle, but is still impressive.

Here's a giant with a big knob. Anyone who plays HeroQuest might recognise this as the Chalk Man in Heortland.

Some information about some of the caves at Cheddar.

What £3,000,000 gets you in Dorset.

A auto-onanist page about some overpriced village planned by the jug eared Prince Chaz that's destroying nearby Dorchester. It's called Poundbury because you need loads of pounds to live there. It's probably not going to feature in the game, but its mere existence annoys me.

Some interesting places on Portland. Doesn't include my house, so it can't be that complete...