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Shadows Over Bogenhafen

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Shadows Over Bogenhafen, being the first part of The Enemy Within campaign (GMd by Neil Smith)

On the surface, Bogenhafen is just another bustling market town: the annual fair and the market of the Schaffenfest is in full swing, and the adventurers are among many others flocking to the town. But all is not as it seems. From the happy bustle of the fair, the adventurers find themselves drawn into a deadly web of intrigue, uncovering evidence of a sinister secret organization whose tentacles run through the highest levels of the town's society. They must treat carefully, sorting the guilty from the innocent, the misguided and the deceived, able to trust no-one in a deadly game of hide-and-seek were nothing and no-one is quite as it seems.

Can the adventurers save Bogenhafen? Can the save themselves from the misguided zeal of the authorities? And can the reach the heart of the canker before it is too late? All the time, the plotters and their pawns are watching, waiting, misdirecting, trying to buy time -- for the consummation of the evil plan draws closer...

We played the game in the club, and it went very well. The PCs got involved in all sorts of nefarious deeds, got soaked in the sewers more than once, broke into the temple of Sigmar through the privvies, uncovered various plots (some of which were relevant), and were one step away from being captured by the authorities before the defeated the Big Bad.