Serena's Family

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Serena's Family: you think your is bad

This is just a look at my quit large family, I will just go with my brothers and sisters and mom and dad.

My Father: a demon lord, who changed sides in the war long ago when he met mother, normal father.And my Father when hes mad.

Father.jpg Dad.JPG

This is my mother, she's a Fea of dark magic. She's really nice to us most of the time, when we dont blow things up or distroy somthing important like gravity, not my fault but some how igot the blame again.


Ok lets go in order of birth. Erile my oldest brother, he is the higest magic user in the world, iam not sure what magic it is but i know its not blood magic. Erile is really nice to me and always protects me, atleast thats what i thought before he sent me to london.


This is my eldist sister Sakura, i am not to sure what she is but she can change her age, from a little girl to her normal 22 year old form, dont ask me and when i asked her i got hit so i am not going there again. we have great fun cause when i want a friend she can be my age and we play and when i need a hand she growns up, really growns up to help.

Little Sakura.jpg Sakura.JPG

This is the first set of twin Yui and Franz, Yui is a high bast and Franz is a werewolf, Yui and i are really close then again all the family is. Yui is my best friend, and Franz he picks on me a lot but hes always there when i need him.

Yui.JPG Peter.jpg Werewolf.jpg

This is Hope a high dark magic user but not as high as brother. She dosent talk much to me or anyone and she never smiles, and she really love sputting curse on people mostly mom, haha its so funny when mom hits the roof.


This is Cassey, she is a purre magic user. She always smiles and is so cute, she always has flowers sent from fans.


This is next set of twins Lucy and Peter they are vampires, but also daywalkers but they wont tell you that. They dont talk to others much but their there when u need them.

Lucy and peter.JPG

Then theres me the youngest fea around.


Next time you hate your family, just think of this lot at dinner, or anytime of the day, head ace. bye bye.