Santa Maria episode 1

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Episode 1 of Santa Maria: Lawyers, Guns and Money

Screen Presence

  • Calvin: 1
  • Lou: 2
  • Maxwell: 3
  • Susan: 0
  • Charles: 1
  • Audience participation: Noah Cantor

Summary (full write-up may follow, depending on time):

Malcom discovered that the money was missing, and threatened Maxwell at gunpoint to find out what had happened. Maxwell told him that Lou had made a business investment, pointing at the Miss Conception, which was pulling into the quay.

Lou's first job with the boat was a bit of gun-running with his old sergeant. Malcom and Maxwell crashed their talk at the quay, and sarge took a dislike to Malcom as he doesn't approve of drugs. Maxwell ended up being pushed into the water by Sarge and humiliated in front of Malcom.

Maxwell saw Mendoza to borrow some money to buy merchandise, with the hope of turning enough of a profit to pay off Malcom and set himself up in long-term business. Mendoza, having agreed, raised the money and took it to the hotel, where he met Calvin. Calvin took the money, with Mendoza thinking he was Maxwell's boss in more respects than were true, and Calvin thinking that it was the insurance money he was due. Calvin promptly spent it all on hiring workmen (who turned up on the first day at least).

Maxwell, discovering this, realises he's out of options and pays a late night visit to Malcom, using Alfonse as a distraction. He storms into Malcom's house and shoots Malcom in the head, much to Alfonse's alarm. Before the body has even finished hitting the floor, Malcom's phone rings, and Maxwell recognises the number as the Columbian. Pausing only briefly to smack Alfonse and tell her to shut up, he convinces the Columbian that there's been a change of management on the island, and Maxwell is now the man to speak to. The Columbian says he'll send a man out within the next few days for a meeting.

There is much celebration at Maxwell's shack, and the stash goes down further.

The Columbian himself turns up two days later, heading for the Hope Bay Hotel. Lou meets him in reception and takes him up to his room. On the way, they meet Maxwell sweeping the corridor. Maxwell recognises the Columbian, and starts to speak to him, but Lou says that he's only the handyman and that all business discussions should go through Calvin. Once Lou leaves, Maxwell manages to turn the situation around, and the Columbian is convinced that he and Maxwell can do business.

Maxwell and the Colombian are at Maxwell's chack, celebratiting their new partnership, when Mendoza rings up to demand where his money is and how he will get it back. Maxwell proposes a loan from the Colombian to finish off all old business which he will repay quickly once the drug trade on the island is flourishing (because of him).

Maxwell and Calvin share a late night drink at the hotel bar, chatting. As Maxwell drinks and talks, he realises that he's in over his head, that he has no money to pay the Columbian for merchandise and that he's alienated or scared most of the people he needs or cares about in his grab for power. All of this spills from him, much to Calvin's horror. Calvin, being a good (and naive) soul, decides that instead of throwing Maxwell out on his ear that he's going to stand by his new friend.