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This system is described by many using a slightly different name, RuleMaster. And there is a strong reason for doing so. RoleMaster has *lots* of options for this that and the other. This leads to a confusion of details and can make running this system very hard.

The problem is that RoleMaster tries too hard to be all things to all fantasy role players. You could if the whim takes you model _real life_ quite well. Obviously this makes things terribly slow and cumbersome. Not the easiest way to run a game.

Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) still maintain this product. A lot of their catalogue of products is available to download as PDFs. This is good because they are cheap and you can then print out only the pages you are really interested in.

I actually like RM because the system has more depth to it but despair about how slow it can be to get things done. E.g. combat can take an *age*.