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Once upon a time, as far north as north can go, there lived the greatest people that this world will ever see. They are gone now, destroyed just as the world destroys all beautiful things. All that remains are these moments we call memories, moments frozen from the flow of time.

Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost North is a game for three to five players (preferably exactly four) set during the final years of the Northernmost People, just before the remnants of their civilization were swallowed up by their own Mistake.

Once, there would have been no need for Knights. Once, when the sky was dark and perfect, the starlight pure and cold, and the people without fear or flaw, there would have been no need for war. But that time has passed now, gone like a long winter dream, and so you are called to battle demons beneath the burning sun and its alien blue sky.

The protagonists of the story are Knights of the Order of the Stars, beholden by ancient oaths to serve the stars and protect their people. The antagonists facing the knights are multitudinous -- demons from the mistake, doubters from the people, and even betrayers within the brotherhood of Knights.

This is no longer a history; this is not yet a story. This is all that remains. Whatever else is what you make of it.

Polaris is a GM-less game. Each player has a character and is the centre of one scene. The other players are co-GMs for that scene. In the next scene, the next player round is the centre. Resolution is generally diceless and handled by certain Key Phrases. The game itself is a tragedy, ending with the Knights either dead or corrupted. The fun comes from deciding how that comes about.