Orpheus: The Taste of Ashes - Missions - Mission001 - Conspiracies

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In 1948, the greys crashed to earth in a saucer in Roswell. Everyone knows that. Of course, this was just a trick to contact the authorities, who they soon subverted. In particular, they quickly took control of the CIA, and used to to experiment on humans, seeking ways of using drugs to make humans more pliable and easy to control. But what they were actually looking to do - create a means of ensuring that more humans remained as ghosts, which could then be harvested by the greys to power their civilisation. Fluorine in the water was the first step for this. Why do you think that there aren't any ghosts older than three years? They didn't manage to succeed until the '90s. Remember the Marion Prison. Then, with their successes, they created Orpheus and Terrel and Squib as cover companies, to act as their intermediaries. The NSA, on the other hand, have been fighting a shadow war against the greys, stealing their technology to make ghost helicopters, as well as developing microchips to insert in people's heads to control them as well as create an electromagnetic field to disrupt the greys. The Clipper chip isn't just to allow them to hack into your computer, you know. It's a preparatory step to allow them to create a world wide network of these headchips. The radio knows.