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"Anyone feel like surrendering to full body possesion? C'mon, I need the practice.."
 -- Tom Knox, Haunter
"You mean, would I like your strong body inside mine?  Oh, go on then.  Just promise me this... please be gentle, Tom.
 -- Zoe Vitt, Poltergeist
"I would've thought he'd be the one asking you to be gentle, Zoe."
 -- Dr Teresa Reilly, Banshee
"I'm sure the rumour that I ride my men like I ride my motorcycle -- fast and hard -- is just that.  (smirk)  Interested in
finding out, Tom?"
 -- Zoe Vitt, Poltergeist
"When I'm in the meat, I'd happy to help you, Tom.  There's also a skinrider in Eta Crucible, Chris Johnson.  I find it an
invaluable part of the learning experience to feel puppetry from both sides."
 -- Chet Mason, Skinrider
"Don't forget the fact that you can possess animals as well as people, Tom.  I'd practice that too."
 -- Dr Annie Harper
"When possessing animals, can you also pick up their instincts and drives? Also, when possessing humans, how do you "read"
their thoughts and memories? Does it feel like they're a part of your own consciousness, or is there a clear divide
between "self" and "other"?
 -- Dr Teresa Reilly, Banshee
"Can't speak as to the first part -- I'm not an animal fucker -- but when I'm riding some bitch, I always know who's on top,
and where the info's coming from.  I'm sure Chet can enlighten you further on the furry side of the equation.  I hear he
likes it."
 -- Alex Pretorius, Skinrider
"You can pick up on animal's instincts and drives when you are inhabiting them.  It's a lot more primal, though, and your
control isn't as exact as with a human.  It's much more guiding the animal to do what you want it to, rather than
 -- Chet Mason, Skinrider
"In the interests of helping the newbies, to use Puppetry well, you've got to focus on just one thing: breaking your subject
to your will.  You can't take any backchat from them.  You must have a firm image of what they *will* do in your mind, and
never let them budge from it.  It's a matter of will and force of personality.  The moment you waver is the moment you get
chucked out of their mind on your arse."
 -- Alex Pretorius, Skinrider
"I disagree, Alex.  Puppetry is giving orders to the meat.  You don;t have to worry about the mind - their *mind* has nothing
to do with it.  It's about bypassing all the higher thinking, and getting them to respond automatically, without giving them
a chance to think about what they are doing.  It's worked well for me, and most of the people that I've taught."
 -- Chet Mason, Skinrider
"There's a right way and a wrong way to do things, old man.  And yours is the wrong way.  It may work -- kind of -- most of
the time, but when you need it most, when you've got a difficult mount with a mind of his own, who really doesn't want to be
doing what you're making him do, then it'll fail you.  You can never let someone you're riding think that they have any
option apart from to do as you say."
 -- Alex Pretorius, Skinrider