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"When you inhabit an object, you become one with it.  You can feel the touch of the wind through cold metal.  Its pistons and
hinges become your muscles.  You think and the object responds."
 -- Shelley Jackson, Haunter
"Inhabiting a car is like seducing a lady.  She knows the way she wants to move.  All you have to do is convince her to do
it.  It's a partnership.  She purrs under your touch, jumps at your whisper.  Every ignition an orgasm.  If you know how to
do it right."
 -- Hoyt Masterton, Haunter
"Just... keep away from my objects and my vehicles."
 -- Shelley Jackson, Haunter
"From the descriptions, there seems to be a great deal of similarity between Inhabit and Puppetry. For those of you that have
both: is  that the case? And remember kids: love your car, but don't *love* your car."
 -- Dr Teresa Reilly, Banshee
"Why, senorita?  Are you offering an alternative?"
 -- Hoyt Masterton, Haunter
"Tempting, but no. I'd hate to think I was competing with pile of metal. <grin> Y'know -- I think I understand how Zoe's
boyfriends must feel."
 -- Dr Teresa Reilly, Banshee
(Appearing in response to her name being taken in vain) "It's not my fault that they can't give me as good a vibration as my
 -- Zoe Vitt, Poltergeist