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(This appears to be the rough of a story for the NY Daily News that has been hidden on their website. From the time stamp, it looks like it was put up early Wednesday morning.)

Ghosts become the new 'in' thing at night clubs

Ghost-mania seems to be striking the nightlife of New York City. People have been seeing the spooky visions at clubs up and down Manhattan, though this reporter has yet to find anyone who saw anything who wasn't in an altered state. The clubs in question were at first hesitant to admit to this, but are now publicising their alleged inhabitants in time for this Friday's Bounce Weekend, when the university's students traditionally paint the town red.

As well as such usual suspects as goth club Chains, such varied clubs as Aria, Downtime, Hush, Limelight and Village Underground have been the focus of these rumours. This reporter has received word that Spook Night Specials will be held at every one of these hot spots, with Halloween apparently coming early as word is that there will be free entrance and even drinks to those in truly outstanding costumes. Some other clubs may also be getting into the act, but this reporter is quietly confident that if you want a night not to be forgotten, you should attend one of these parties in your best ghost gear.