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Whole Earth Enterprises is a multinational company mainly dealing in the import and export of agricultural goods. When the mafia accountant Harper Forrester went down about ten years ago, the feds kept a close eye on all businesses he was involved in, including Whole Earth Enterprises, but couldn't prove anything. Frightened by the scrutiny, the CEO Charles Cross, petitioned his Genovese backers to let him go legit. Seeing no profit in getting the business shut down, they agreed. Charles managed to turn it in a profitable concern, so the mafia more or less just let it alone. And so things stayed until Harper Forrester returned, and demanded that Charles work on thge side for him, in return for protection. After possessing the businessman and walking him to the window, just to show that he could kill him any time he wanted, Cross agreed to smuggle packages in. What was in the packages he never discovered. When Cross discovered that soemone was hacking into his computer system, he panicked and hired NextWorld to take care of the problem. Orpheus was hired to investigate the resultant incident involving the ghosts of the murdered investigators. Once Chet, Tom and Teresa found out about the connection with Harper Forrester and Teresa had a vision of him killing Cross, they took it to Management, who promptly assigned Beta Crucible to the task. Tom and Teresa were assigned as their coppertops. As far as anyone knows, Forrester was not caught and Cross remains alive and in business.