Orpheus: The Taste of Ashes - Characters and Setting - Terrel and Squib

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Terrel and Squib are Orpheus' main competitors in the post life business. They have few projectors (all of which are believed to be Skimmers), but they have a relatively high number of PLEs on-staff. Their other main asset is their technology: they are known to have devices that allow non-projectors to see, interact with and even damage spooks in gauze form.

Their base of operations is in Boston, MA, but they have been spreading their operations around. In particular, they have been making moves in New York, attempting to set up a proper base of operations there. It is yet unknown how successful they have been at this, though one contract with members of the NYPD has fallen through. In general, given their tech based nature, they require much more of a base of operations than Orpheus, who can quite happily just send a few people over in a plane to a hotel and call it a field base.

Their New York base was attacked the morning before the Orpheus raid, and their main base of operations in Boston was attacked the day after. It is yet unknown how much damage the attack on either facility caused, though their main facility at least survived. They are currently fending off the advances of the FBI quite successfully.