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During Zeta crucible's first mission they discovered the existance of a radio signal that seemed to be transmitting to the spirit world. Only PLE's and projectors can hear anything through the static. Broadcasts are commonly heard between 10pm - 11pm each night, voice analysis indicates a male presenter of African-American descent.

Orpheus is aware of the station, but treats any information transmitted from it as suspect.

Transmissions of interest

This is Radio Free Death ..static.. to all new listeners ..static.. special is ..static.. pigment ..static.. shit is really starting ..static.. keep a watch out ..static.. bad feeling about all this ..static.. seen it before ..static.. Death signing ..static..

..static.. Radio Free Death, welcoming ..static.. like to give a big shoutout to those ..static.. who helped free longtime listener, Roy ..static.. from his earthly chains. ..static.. give a big hand to those public ..static.. signing out.

This is Radio ..static.. Death ..static.. all new listeners. A warning to all ghosts and ..static.. there are rumours ..static.. NextWorld have an operative or two in ..static.. who are not yet in the know, these are bad motherfuckers ..static.. *not* want to get on the wrong side ..static.. keep an eye on any new spooks around the ..static.. Free Death, signing out.

This is Radio Free Death, welcoming all new ..static.. station has become aware of a new threat ..static.. city. Some of our post life brothers and sisters have been ..static.. and not in a good way. Rumours are that it is a ..static.. ,a fucking anglerfish, if you'll ..static.. keep sharp and keep safe. Radio Free Death ..static..

This is Radio Free Death, welcoming all new listeners ..static.. a lot of you came from the streets, so ..static.. interest to you. Homeless people, vagrants ..static.. and junkies have been ..static.. cops don't give a shit ..static.. trash off the street as far ..static.. none of these disappeared have been making it to our little ..static.. something rotten in the State of New York. Radio Free Death, signing out.

This is Radio Free Death ..static.. all new listeners. Today's special is about something a little off ..static.. It appears in old ..static.. Theodore Walters ..static.. old Trick's(?) House in Chicago. Police have reported several ..static.. There are probably more. It gives us spooks a bad name. Radio Free Death, signing out.

This is Radio Free Death ..static.. all new listeners ..static.. today ..static.. Brooks(?) House in Harlem ..static.. credit ..static.. quick(?) drug addict, drug addicts breakdown(?) habit(?) ..static.. It's just a tight little community there of us post-life types. ..static.. together after death I really ..mumble.. recommend ..static.. Radio Free Death, signing out.

This is Radio Free Death ..static.. all new listeners. Terrel and Squib are moving into town ..static.. Now, these fuckers must be, might be mostly normal(?) ..static.. and their general plan might be going into ..static.. hanging out their trousers ..static.. underestimate them too much. ..static.. that can see you and guns that can shoot you. And the killdane(?) isn't the worst they can do to you. ..static.. wretched ghosts(?) ..mumble mumble.. fucking zombies! Stay out of their way. Radio Free Death, signing out.