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NextWorld is a projector company that was formerly a mercenary company that operated mostly in third world countries, mostly 'problem-solving' for various multinationals, though it also provided highly trained and discrete bodyguard and security forces in the mainland US. About a year after Orpheus managed to get projecting technology reliably working, NextWorld announced in certain select circles that they also had projectors onstaff. Where exactly they managed to get these techniques from is unknown. There are rumours that some Russian psychic technology pioneered in years of the Cold War and lost in the downfall of the Soviet Union had fallen into their hands. Certainly, they have some ex-Spetznaz commandos amongst their number. The timing also suggests that they may have stolen their techniques from Orpheus. The truth is unknown

On New Year's Eve they staged a successful attack on the Orpheus headquarters, demolishing the building and killing many of their personnel. Their attack appeared to be backed up by Spectres. They have also made at least two raids on Terrel and Squib, the other major firm in the Spook business.

Known agents

Marcus N’Kejeda, Skinrider?

Ex-military, who left the Army for a better paid career in the private sector.

Jamal Karabey, Skinrider

One of Orpheus' first projectors, Jamal was the company's second skimmer. His employment with Orpheus was terminated for unspecified ethical violations.