Orpheus: The Taste of Ashes - Characters and Setting - Mission Two

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Possible Banshee

Possible Haunter

Possible Poltergeist

The deaths of the police-officers were consistent with the abilities of the above shades. The presence of two spooks has been confirmed by sight, but the investigators have not yet interacted with them.


Mrs Jefferson, Managing director of Magnox

Mrs Jefferson was the one who hired Orpheus to investigate the strange goings-on at her company, and has requested that the investigation be conducted as quietly as possible. Tom and Teresa have met her once, to enquire about the FBI agent who was killed on site during the initial incident. She claims not to have known anything about him.

Alice Carpenter, Mrs Jefferson's secretary

Alice has been the investigators' primary contact at Magnox. She is a pleasant, efficient woman with a businesslike manner.


Magnox Computers

Magnox Computers is a computer consultancy firm dealing with all aspects of business computer systems. Their focus, however, is network security. The Orpheus Group is actually one of their clients. Magnox is a relatively small company, with a core of about thirty IT staff and five administrators. It occupies the seventh floor of a high-rise building in one of Manhattan's business districts. The recent deaths have led to great unease among its employees, to the extent that a number of night-shift security guards have been calling in sick and people have been avoiding the "haunted" area. In light of the recent events, the company's stock price has taken a tumble.

NYPD Forensic Investigation Division

This is where items recovered from the crime scene are taken for further analysis. Chet liberates some of these so Orpheus can conduct their own tests.