Orpheus: The Taste of Ashes - Characters and Setting - Mission One

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Roy Berkeley, Poltergeist

A paranoid schizophrenic who died about six months ago. He is suspected to be still trying to get a message out, and has been at least partially responsible for two deaths and possibly several injuries. He is definitely skittish, and ran away from the agents upon encountering them.

Lewis Panning, Drone

All that remains of Lewis Panning, wife beater, caught in the last few moments before his death of heart failure, probably brought on by shock at a hostile manifestation.


Josette Bailey, Newspaper secretary and receptionist

So far just a voice on the phone.

Virginie Coulter, Deceased

From evidence gathered, it looks like she was killed by the shock of seeing Roy’s manifestation. As far as can be told, she didn’t leave a ghost.

Louise Panning, Widow

Survived her husband, Lewis. Seems to be withdrawn, drinking heavily, letting the house fall into disrepair around her. Mental state unknown.


Southville Town Gazette

The centre of the apparent haunting. Roy Berkeley was a regular letter writer to this Gazette, and does not seem to have lost his obsession with the place. There has also been a minor shadow-class entity discovered in the basement in the middle of some rat corpses. It is unknown if there is any connection between these two facts.

Joe’s Self Storage

The storage facility where Roy kept his little home away from home under the name Matthew Burke. It appears he has continued to visit post mortem. His seeming frustration has left the contents of his carefully maintained file scattered, his computer monitor busted and his radio on.