NIS AeroIndustries NA-235 Medium Range Transport seaplane

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Views of the plane (you'll have to imagine the seaplane hull and retractable pontoons on the wingtips)

This description is heavily based on the EADS CASA CN-235 transport aircraft

The NIS AeroIndustries NA-235 Medium Range Transport seaplane is a multi-purpose, medium range transport aircraft designed for the rugged environment of Poseidon. It is a high-wing, twin turboprop seaplane with a fully pressurized and air-conditioned cabin. The rear cargo doors can be opened both in flight and while at rest on water.

This aircraft has been adopted by the GEO Patrol on Poseidon as its principal medium-range transport and patrol vehicle. It also serves as a mobile base of operations for when the GEO Patrol are in the field. For instance, it is deployed with the Longshore Crew.


Length 21.40 m
Wing Span 25.81 m
Cabin Length 9.65 m
Cabin Height 1.88 m
Cabin Width 2.70 m


Maximum Take-Off Weight 16,500 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 16,500 kg
Maximum Payload 6,000 kg
Fuel Capacity 5,264 kg hydrogen fuel in nanocarbon fuel modules.
Supplementary photovoltaic cells for standby electrical power.
Number of passengers 51
Number of 2.2m x 2.7m Pallets 4


Maximum Cruising Speed 455 km/h
Efficiency Cruising Speed 380 km/h
Stall Speed 125 km/h
Take-Off Distance to 15 m 384 m*
Landing Distance from 15 m 332 m* (225 m landing run)
Maximum Range 6,003 km
Range with 3,000 kg Payload 4170 km
Service Ceiling 8100 m
Draft 1.2 m
Minimum Operating Water Depth 2 m
Maximum Wave Height 1.2 m (0.6 m with cargo door open)
  • At sea level, Poseidon standard atmosphere, standard take-off weight

Power Plant

Engines 2 x Nippon AeroPlant CT7-9C3 of 1.4MW each
Fuel cell auxilary power unit (30kW)
Propellers Hamilton Standard 14RF-37, (four bladed)
Thrusters 8 low-power MHD thrusters

Game Statistics

Durability 3
Armour 7
Power +3
Handling -1
Combat speed 105 m / combat round

Equipment (maritime patrol configuration)

  • Radar suite [3] (range 150 km)
  • Sonar suite [1] (range 10 km passive, 20km active)
  • 3 x 6 person liferafts
  • Onboard computer
  • Security system
  • Satellite communicator
  • Submarine ROV (500m tether)
  • 3 sonar / cross interface communication buoys
  • Inflatable dinghy (8 person), with heavy cell powered MHD drive

Accommodation (front to rear, maritime patrol configuration)

  • Cockpit: pilot, co-pilot, jumpseat for additional passenger
  • Communication and sensor control station
  • Toilet/fresher and small galley (microwave/grill, fridge, freezer, sink)
  • Lounge/sleeping area (collapsable beds, hooks for additional hammoks). This area doubles up as an emergency operating theatre if needed.
  • Office/seating area. Includes secure points for restraining suspects.
  • Stowage for submarine ROV and inflatable boat
  • External flare and buoy launcher.
  • Cargo ramp and vehicle launcher (also serves as a cetacean loader).