Mythic Russia playtest: Ivan

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(A character for the Lithuanian playtest of the Mythic Russia game).

Ivan the Quiet

Ivan the Quiet is the trusted bodyguard of Count Zandiroi. He is from an old Kievian family, which has close ties to the Order of Shattered Glass. Trained by the Order from a young age, he has learnt to read the winds of fate, mastered the Threefold Braid of Shadow, Steel, and Silence, and earned the right to wear the twin Nightblades Schasthirets and Neuschastlibys. He was sent to the Count by his mentor, the Opal Seer, who instructed him to watch and wait, reporting back. Recently, Ivan's sense of honour has been troubling him. Then there is Lina, the Mongol woman fate has guided him to. Is she interested in him for a reason? Maybe Fate, St Moris or St Nikon can guide him.

(Player: Louisa Djerbib)