Mythic Russia

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Cover of the Mythic Russia book
Once upon a time, east of the sun and west of the moon, there was a different place, but not too different...
Roleplaying with the HeroQuest game system in the ancient Russia of legend and folktale, a land of glittering onion-domed churches and dark, dangerous forests, home to heroes, fiends — and the flame-feathered firebird.

Mythic Russia is a stand-alone game that uses the HeroQuest mechanics. The game is based around Russia in about 1382. Although based on the history of the period, the game is set in the Russia that the people of the time believed it was: a Russia of magic and fable, where saints and spirits walked the earth and magical Thrice-Ninth Land is only as far away as a mistaken path in the endless forests.

The game is written and published by Mark Galeotti in the guise of Firebird Productions.

We playtested this game at the club. See the Mythic Russia playtest pages for writeups of the game.