Monsters and Other Childish Things

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Monsters and Other Childish Things : Completely Monstrous Edition
Monsters and Other Childish Things


Monsters and Other Childish Things is a roleplaying game about children with pet cthulhu-esque monsters.

Written by Benjamin Baugh, and published by Arc Dream Publishing.


182-page hardback with full-colour cover page and black & white interior art. Also available in PDF format.


The game is nominally set in the 'real' world. Only with added pet monsters. As the game puts it:

Monsters and Other Childish Things is a roleplaying game about kids and the people who matter to them most—their friends, family and loved ones.

And their horrifying pet monsters.

Kids from age ten up to early teens find themselves bonded to cthulhu-esque, yet oddly cute, horrors from beyond time and space who want to be their friends, play fun games, and devour the souls of their enemies.

The game's tone is intended to be in parts whimsical and horrific, like childhood itself, and can be played in a style anywhere between zany humour and darkest horror.


The game uses a greatly simplified version of the One-Roll Engine (or ORE) that first appeared in Godlike and was subsequently used in Wild Talents.

Player's create two characters: the kid and the monster. The GM and player generally share responsibility for playing the monster, apart from in combat when the player assumes full tactical control.


Two mini-campaign supplements are currently available: Curriculum of Conspiracy and The Dreadful Secrets Of Candlewick Manor.


The first edition Monsters and Other Childish Things was released as a 48-page 'mini rpg', but the response was so great that the decision was taken to revise and expand the game into a full-sized 'Completely Monstrous Edition'. The Completely Monstrous Edition is available in PDF format, and a hardcover edition was released in March 2008.

Back Cover Text

Monsters are real.

You know because you have one.

He's the best.

He's more fun and way tougher than all the other kids' monsters.

Try not to let him eat your friends.

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