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Mitternacht Rising

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Mitternact Rising : Hamburg Sprawl

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (German: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg) Wide parts of the city sunk underwater during the floodings of 2008 and 2011 resulting in Hamburg's nickname, "Venice of the North". While most of the city is corp-controlled other parts are borderline anarchy and home to pirates and smugglers.

Influences within the sprawl

Type Number Faction 1 Faction 2
Magic 2 Draconic influence an undefined dragon has interest or is involved in the city. The Hansiatic Order - An ultra powerful group of mages who seek to clean up the port and make their own corporate interests and wealth prosper.
Man 2 The Vory - The most powerful organised crime synticate in the city, making use of Dvoeverie magick Ashbeck Phrama GmbH - Powerful corp also runs the cities security forces, rumoured to be involved in illegal metahuman experiments
Machine 1 Scylla - A biologically grown arcology which was abandoned soon after being commissioned, now occupied by squatters.



Gambling, Drugs, Prostitution, legal and illegal Simsense are all mainstays of the entertainment on offer here. Dominating the district is The Pantaloon, a gareish neon-clad casino with twin towers shaped like the buildings name and a corkscrew rollercoaster called Der Schalnger between them. The whole complex is owned by ostentatious businessman Dagmar Trumpf. Despite the conspicuous finery of the entertainment areas, most inhabitants are barely above the poverty line.

Außenalster is the only district of the city not policed by Ashbeck CorpSecor, a consortium of business owners lead by Dagmar Trumpf hire out Knight Errant to protect specific areas, while an uneasy alliance between the Vory, Camorra and Triads control the rest.


 Entertainment District
 Growing Population
 Private Security - Knight Errant


Once a busy port, the area has never recovered from the 2011 flooding of the city and large swathes of it are still under water and any intact buildings are only reachable via boat. However it also represents one of the easiest and most convienient places for smugglers of just about anything and anyone to operate. Right now Ashbeck, The Hansiatic Order, The Vory and a number of independant pirates and smugglers are all fighting for control of the area.

Also contained within it is the sacred site of Olsdorf, once the site of an ancient stone circle, it is now reconstructed in concrete, neon and Augmented Reality to form a site of pilgrimage for local shamans and mages and one which provides great power to rituals cast there. Again a site of dispute between multiple factions.


 Industrial District
 Protected by the Vory
 Prized - Turf War
 Religious - Predominantly slavic Dvoeverie among other factions are present here.

Hamburg Free Enterprise Zone - HFEZ

Often refered to as just Fez, this district is walled off from the rest of the city and only reachable thru four secure entrances. Movement is strictly controlled by Ashbeck CorpSecor. It is filled with high end shops, boutiques, hotels of only the largest names and distinction. The cafe Der Gehangte (The Hanged Man) is a famous meeting point for shadowrunners and fixers as well as serving the best coffee in the city.

The district is also home to Dagmar Trumpf, owner of most of the local real estate who employs his own security, and is a major thorn in the side of Ashbeck Pharma.


 Commercial District
 Prejudiced against anyone below affluent income level


A low income neibourhood with a bad reputation and a high population of humans who dislike the awakened. This area had been virtually abandoned due to flooding but gradually has been restored to better living conditions in the 2050s, since then it has seen an influx of Elves and a gradual gentrification. However it also has a large ghoul population, a strange breed who inhabit the still flooded districts and only fuel the resentment towards non-human species.


 Residential District
 Infestation - Aquatic Ghouls
 Prejudiced - Awakened and Magical beings


The upmarket entertainment district adjoining the Fez and the place to see and be seen after a days shopping. Famous for its maze like recreation medieval streets, filled with robotic gondolas and intersperced with huge plazas catering to different styles and tastes, this Edental certainly earns its name. However it is currently under attack from the Hansiatic League who seek to drive out the businsesses they are not in control of - a spate of accidents, high profile heists and other disasters has plagued the district.


 Entertainment District
 Big Name - Dagmar Trumpf