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Major Andrew Connor

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Hi, my name is Andrew Connor and I survived the war. Yes, I also find it hard to understand why I am alive and so many other are not. The terror of the attacks and the fear of the things that came to England. Oh God, why did I not die with the rest of them? To see a whole battalion of men turned into a seething screaming mass of destroyed flesh. To see once living beings torn apart like rag dolls. It was almost more than I could bear.

Having your buddies shot dead or worse was one step too far and I quit the army. Chicken? Nah, it was just the nightmares and seeing Joshua Wilks turned inside out by some Russian bomb that did it. No more killing. No more death.

So now I work for the SSG. It is all right. Maybe not the best bunch of folks to know. Some of them seem really stuck up. OK, so I don't have no fancy degree but they could treat me a bit better. I get results, don't I? Well I guess I kind of get what I deserve. I know how to hurt people and it's kind of hard to change from that. Huh. Thought the war was going to be over. But no. The situation is still grim. Weird shit still comes walking out of the zone sometimes. But at least I am making things better. Or at least I am trying to. My previous friends might not believe it but I am trying to do the right thing. Well, most of the time.

Supper with the Devil

Well we are what we do. And I am not perfect. I wish it was a bit easier. The girls are nice to me most of the time. Not sure what they and that stuck up madam Alice think. Do I care? Hump. Anyway, not sure what the idiots outside wanted. I showed them the kind of man I am. Ha ha.

Well with a start to the day like that I thought it could only get better. Hah! So a trip to the righteous General Gronds. He and his pal Prendergast were sitting pretty though. I don't like them and I suspect the feeling might be mutual. I think that trying to get some dirt on the good general and Gordon might help me out. The girls in the ministry office canteen don't seem to be in the mood to help me out and I find out nothin'. Bitches. Bloody guards drag me in front of royal arse hole General Gronds himself. What have I done to deserve this crap? He spits me out for doing part of the job I am suppose to be doing. You just can't win. So there I am going home when some jerk tries to do me in. Well I put paid to that. OK, so Tom also shows up and gives me a bit of a hand but I had things in hand, so to speak.

We take this bloke to a private place and work him over a bit. You ask him a few polite questions. Like, what the fuck is he doing? Ha. Teach him to mess with me. Then of course, John my Polish friend shows. "Oh, Mr Clay wants to see you," says he. Well I have not heard of this Clay so I go along and see him. He is like the guys I knew in the army. Sure and steady. Yeah. Heavy handed bastards they were and he seems the same. His boy, Hugo, sent to have words with me? I agree to leave Hugo alone and do a small favour for Mr Clay. Well, Alice had been pissing me off so no trouble with that kind of favour. Clay asked me to put her business down by scaring off the johns. Seems she and Clay don't get on.

I get to the club and get a john with his bird and it is Fiona. I mean her father is a minister, what the fuck is she doing?

No smoke without fire

Well what the good reverend Poulson will make if he knew one of his daughters was in the game I have no idea. I take Fiona for a drink to discuss things. As usual some idiot tries to mess with my business. Why me? So outside we go. I am getting the upper hand when the bastard goes up like some sort of catherine wheel. And I mean the look in his eyes just before it happened? Scared the shit out of me. Eyes were burning up, from the inside. Then foom. The crowd watching do not like this. But have they ever seen the damage a grenade would do? Anyhow, time to leave. Fiona gives me the sofa in the rev's place. I patch up the burn the guy put on my shoulder. Stings like a bitch.

Next morning the rev' catches me asleep. He is not best pleased and asks me to leave. To avoid a scene I go into the church and get some newer clothes to cover the burn. Aqua is there pretending to help out. There was no point hanging about so I go to SSG to find out about these people burning up. I get some details about five others. Burnt up, just like that! I guess someone is being naughty.

Going Nuclear

The thing with woman is they always want something. I take Fiona into my confidence. Reveal my SSG badge and how I want to find out more about Madam Alice and SHE then wants more interest from me. Well she is good on the eyes and from what I hear good at other things as well. Ha ha. So I agree and off she goes. Then I sees this bright light splashed across the sky. Some shit is happening somewhere in London. As an operative I have to find out what is going on. So I rush to try and get closer.

Who do I meet coming the other way, hotter than a prawn vindaloo John Zilansky. Well I ask him why my geiger counter is off the chart? Says he met the Fire. Whatever that is. Tell me it is a nuclear canister of some kind. Well the police are here by this time and I get them to seal off the area and I take John off for some deep cleaning. If he is not decontaminated soon he might die. Not sure what is going on in that head of his. Some people have no idea what the hell they are doing.

I return to the scene of the Fire's incident. There are a few vagrants that answer some questions for a few ration slips. They tell me of the building that the Fire was in and of the Whipping Boy. He is not right. I fought him in the ring and his eyes. Man. They had the same fucking bright light in them same as the guy who burst into flames. The Whipping Boy fights in a private club. Bit of a joke turn. He always seems to get knocked down. Stupid fool. But, what connects the folks that have been burning up and this Fire thing? The building is empty now. Nothing but a load of radioactive contamination now. Then I find some things left by the Whipping Boy. Letters and some other papers. From Croydon. Where my wife was during the war. Why did this freak have details about this? On the back of a picture of my wife it says, “The pawns can unite against the players xxx.”

Eventually a clean-up crew arrive. With bloody Dr. Blenkinsop. Argh. What did I do to deserve this? I take the offensive and use the photo to confront him. "What the hell is going on?" I ask him. He tells me that my wife betrayed the Brit's to the Russians at Croydon. It is too horrible to contemplate. She is innocent! Well it took me while to calm down but we eventually locate the nuclear canister and a truck shows to get it back to the Burg. The Dr. and I go with the truck to make sure nothing happens to it.

The Dr. is givin' me the hard shoulder when the guy driving has his fucking moment and burns up. The truck veers off the road throwing the Dr. out. I manage to get control of the vehicle and stop it from crashing too badly. The Dr. is in a bit of a bad way but I get him patched up enough to get away. And just as well. Some thing then appears near the truck. It ignores us and starts to hug the bloody canister. I manage to drag the Dr. away and we escape being turned into red hot meat kebabs. The thing that hugged the canister caused it to go off vapourising the truck and nearly killing us.

Once the Dr. and I get back to HQ we are decontaminated. What a fucking humiliating experience. Of course, I don't want to die from radiation exposure but did I have to strip naked with him? We chat about what is going on. He tells me about these EDE things that the Brits fought a while ago. He called them, Extra Dimensional Entities, and they could do some weird shit. I think he is making it all up. Then this shimmering body of bright light appears, right there in the decontamination chamber!

Angles and Demons

You know the expression, "time makes fools of us all?" Well I felt pretty dam foolish. This EDE starts to talk to me. Not like real words but sort of well, I knew what it said. But it was only a light. So I don't understand how exactly we knew what it was saying. The DR. muttered something about telepathy. Anyway, this light thing asks us if we want to be purified? Then it starts to glow brighter and brighter. I grab the Dr. and we managed to get outside the decontamination room before this what's it goes nuclear on us. We managed to shield our eyes and instead of toast soldiers we are still alive. The Dr. is badly shaken by this and I am furious. We get out clothes and things back and then the Dr. is showing me out when a boffin gets to us. "Where has all the radiation gone?" he asks. The Dr. almost pisses his pants with excitement. "A radiation sponge," he rants on about. Then he asks me if I can help him find / negotiate with this light chap? What am I freaks and sideshow organizer? I agree, just so that I can get away from Dr. Blenkinsop. Bloody fool. He did tell me about a secret file. Still in the archives but explaining about Croydon and what happened there.

A Hard Day's Night

Well the file. I mean, it filled all of my thoughts. I could do nothing but go and get it. So I did. Ha. Well it sure was worth it. Even though sections had been sanitized by the army you could still get a good amount of information about what really happened. They stitched her up. My poor wife. Setup to take the blame. For nothing but following the orders of the fascist bastards from the army. The Brit's were being pushed back by the EDEs. They needed help and asked the Russians to help them. To save all of their skins. And they did help. My wife acting as an interpreter for the army. Then the Brit's killed them all. Every single Russian. Why? Could they not have simply sent them home? Yes, they were the enimy, but they helped us. We were LOSING! Argh. Why, my beloved Norma, why?

I did not sleep well that night.

The next morning I woke up. But the starts were still in the sky. What the fuck was going on? I headed out to HQ to try and find out some answers. The headless chickens that they are give me no real clues. I go and find John to see if pooling out resources will help. The BERB is also in total shambles. I ask Blenkinsop if I can get access to a telescope. He sends me off to some boffin and I get loaned a scope and head to the roof. With John's help I get setup and take some readings. Like how the stars are moving. I showed these results to the boffin. He claims the results must be wrong. Or that I wrote them down incorrectly. So he comes and takes some of his own readings and confirms it. The Earth, in relation to the stars, is going backwards. Well that is a turn up for the books. Hmp. After discussing what is going on we head over to the good Rev.s place.

We find Rev. Poulson trying to keep calm in the streets were large numbers of people are congregating. But who else should show up but Mr. Clay. The self righteous prick. He says he is trying to keep his community calm. Never heard such a load of bollocks in my life. John and I decide that we have to try and protect the Rev. from Clay. I mean he is a man of the cloth and does not deserve to be treated the way Clay wants him to be. John manages to distract the body guard, Hugo. I then manage to make Mr. Clay look a fool by cutting his braces. Ha-ha. Well Mr. Clay does not like looking the chump. He is a posh tough, I guess. You know, pencil moustache, fancy clothes, the full works. So he calls Hugo and off they go. The Rev. seems pleased by this and continued to calm the crowd. We manage to get a word with the Rev. about the world going backwards and any biblical connections this might have. Instead he mentions some story that Tom told him ages ago. Refusing or forgetting the whole details of it all we decide to find Tom and ask him directly.

John and I head off to some of Toms usual drinking dens and after some leg work find out that he was seen in one of Alice's joints. She sees me come in. John is faking that no one knows we work together. Alice is her usual self, queen bitch and proud of it. She is amused by my attempt to get Fiona to spy on her establishment. Alice tells me not to do it again. Then after I remind her of some help I gave her she lets me see Tom. The guy is in a serious drunken stuper. Well what is a twisted fuck like me to do. When the gently gently approach fails it is the knife under the finger nails. A pity, as I quite like Tom. But needs must. He then spills the beans. Hmm. The EDEs were seriously screwing with the people at Croydon. They ate them. I mean, what were the army thinking? And the EDEs also got their nickname the Hairies from there. They looked as if they were covered in hair. Tom also met my wife. She hated what she was forced to do and faked her own death. The shock of hearing that. I mean. Well. She's alive! Tom then tells me about how the EDEs changed people. Doing something to a Neil Thomas, who never lost at cards or dice games. He could reverse time and see the outcome. Then sort of fix the game. What?

I head back to John and we leave and then compare what we found out. John overheard some coppers. London is cutoff from the rest of the world. Why? And perhaps more importantly how? We go back to the Rev. and ask him about Neil Thomas. Like what the hell happened to him? We get back to the manse and are told the Rev. is having a kip. Tired after dealing with the crowds no doubt. John and I head up to his room to ask him some more about Neil. There are some noises from inside and the door is closed. Being suspicious we go in and find Hugo is trying to smother the Rev. with his pillow. After getting Hugo to stop John took him down stairs and I made sure the Rev. was OK. I asked him about Neil and the other war deserters. He told me that he sent them off for a better future via some third party, Alex, in north London. He gave me the address.

Downstairs Hugo was not a happy man. Fiona was confused as to why he was in the house in the first place and what John and I had to do with it. I asked Fiona if she wanted to leave but her budding romance with Hugo made her stay. We then began to work on Hugo. Telling him about how Mr. Clay was not a good man and how we planed to help the community. We persuaded him that Mr. Clay needed to be stopped and that if he told us where he was going to be we would fix things. And that he should be late for work that night. John and I then left to discuss our next move.

Turns out that John knows this Alex. Claimed he was a black marketeer of some sort. I also told John about some of the stuff that went on at Croydon. He seemed very interested in the fate of the Russians. So I calmed him and told him the names of the folk that got killed. Not sure why he was so upset by all that. Although after I mentioned a Captain Josef he was very evasive.

Time Heals All Wounds

I want to go and get this Alex to explain what happened to Neil Thomas. For some reason John cries off and said that he had to find this Josef guy. I would have preferred to have had some help but what can you do? So I headed to north London. While traveling I found a big power cable. I traced it back one way. A pity it was still attached to one of John's fuck off big machines. It managed to grab me and off to the factory I went. Not very willing granted, but helpless to resist.

I came to hanging from a conveyor belt along with some other bodies. Some little green dwarf was doing something on the floor. I was not quite as shocked as I should have been, John having told me about this all. Anyway, the chain belt had a flaw in it and I managed to break free. While I hid in a room just away from the conveyor some guy walks through the room. He was orderin' the green thing about. Pity he spotted me. Well what could I do? Naked and with no weapons and no idea where I was? Yeah, I put my hands up. Thank god Norma had taught me some French for his English was terrible. He had been through the stuff taken from the bodies and found my photo of Norma. I demanded it back and he just stood and looked at me. "What?" ha asked. I told him how she was my wife and that I was looking for her. At this he was amazed. She had helped them. He decided that I should not be killed right then and took me to his commanding officer. Captain Josef heard my story and was somewhat surprised when I explained about looking for her, alive. He told me that she might have fudged the paperwork to make the Russians look dead. But with the help of the Captain. He was regretful when he told me that I would still have to be killed. I then appealed to him to let me go so that I could continue looking for my wife and of how she had helped them. The captain then collapsed with some sort of fit. He shouted "I am Josef Dmitriov!"

We loosened his clothing to make sure that he was all right. Then I saw on his back the tattoo that Hugo and the machines had on them. A hand with some dots around it. Whilst checking him out I had a good look at the tattoo. It was not what I thought. It was some sort of moles. I lied a bit to Alexi and said they might be damaging him. He was not entirely convinced but let me go ahead. The men said something in Russian but Alexi shouted them down. I then took a knife to the moles but they began to disappear before our eyes. Then a cloud of this black stuff came pouring out of captain Josef's mouth. It circled the group and then surged into the mouth of one of the soldiers. The soldier then ran off towards the factory place. Alexi tried to shoot him but missed. Alexi had also mentioned that captain Josef had been experimented on by the Hairies while at Croydon. What did they do to him?

Then suddenly I am back in the ruins of London where I had found the power cable. The sun is in the sky not zipping along like mad. It looked like it was in the right bit of the sky. At least someone had had a good day.

In Absentia Loci

Well having found myself back where I had started I thought I would follow the cable the other way. I walked so far and then found what looked like a hole in the ground reasonably covered with dirt and rocks. The wood used in the cover was a bit rotten and one of my feet went through it. A slight give away. Moving the covering bit of wood to one side I was shocked to discover six more of these bloody radiation canisters. I mean what it is it with people? Don't they know these things are dangerous? The next thing I know I am seeing stars. Someone has hit me across the back of the head.

I eventually come to. Either the lights are out or I am blindfolded. Not sure which. Then I hear a voice. I groan internally, it is the Whipping Boy. He demands to know what I was doing. I ask him what he knows about my wife and the going on at Croydon? After removing the blindfold he stared at me. He then started to tell me that there were no woman there, just fowl beasts. After ranting on about this for some time I realized sane conversation this was not going to be. With a little persuasion I get the Whipping Boy to show me the mark that the Fire gave him. It is simply a tattoo. There is no other significance to it. Dam! I managed to stagger to my feet still tied to the chair. The Whipping Boy had found a piece of metal and threatened to release the Fire from the canisters. It was a pity the chair sort of got in the way. As he swung at the canisters I managed to get outside the door. This saved me from the very worst of the nuclear blast. Pity about my future and that of half of London.

Inside the warehouse there were the ruined remains of the cylinders and the remains of the idiot Whipping Boy. What a fucking disaster.

The thing is what to do? I was going to die and within days. Along with several thousand others. Shame. So a problem shared is a problem, erm, well, I was fucked. Call the office? I manage to find a phone and with my last coin called the private number to the SSG. There was chaos at the other end. After a little confusion I got my message through. Nuclear disaster at Hope street warehouse. Says it all really. They told me to wait there and await the cleanup crew. Though what the hell they can do was beyond me.

Eventually Dr Blenkinsop arrived. He ordered the crew to start the cleanup and took me to one side. His suggestion was to find a way to talk to the EDEs and get the radiation sponge to clean things. He told me that there was an empty hazardous materials suit in the back of the van. I got into the suit and left the scene trying to think of who knew how to get to the EDE creatures? General Gronds, my least favourite commanding officer.

I walked to his house and to my surprise he is home and answered the door. The General is looking much the worse for wear. He offered me a drink and took a very large measure for himself. He asked me if I was there to find out about the file that I had found. How did he know? I told him I knew enough about that and instead asked him about the EDE and how to get in contact with them. Since both of us were facing a slow and terrible death from the radiation poisoning. He told me that he knew about the EDE. Something about us being allied to them and that Minister Gordon Prendergast knew how to get in touch with them. He then decided that the only way to fix things was to get to the Site. I had no idea where this place was but the General seemed to know. He drove.

We got to this quite pretty farm just near the outskirts of London. Very nice. And with flowers and crops doing very... nicely... ??? In December? I don't really get much more time to look around as the General decided to berate Gordon Prendergast about the London situation. John Zelinsky was also here and he filled me in on the situation. How Gordon was talking to the light EDE inside the barn. I went into the barn to have a look around. There was some electronic equipment beyond my understanding and a large cylinder in the middle of the room. It had the hand symbol on it. Why? What is Gordon doing with these EDE? I broke open the big doors to the barn and demanded of Gordon, what is he doing? He took a real fit at this and wants to know what I know of it? I demanded to know why a device with the hand symbol was in his barn? Given the association with the symbol and the factory producing human meat in cans, for easy consumption. He did not understand and the General began to whisper in his ear. Enough of this crap I thought and with John's help ripped the doors off of the barn. The doors hit the cylinder just right and it fell over releasing a small amount of radiation. But enough to ensure that Gordon was willing to fucking do something.

After being a bit shocked he agreed to summon the EDE. He switched on some of the equipment and then a glow of the seven light EDE began to materialise. After the figures were present one began to talk to us, asking why they had been summoned so soon after a previous visit? I managed to get a little information to them about the state of London and that we needed their help. Gordon tried to stop me but they heard what I said. I also mentioned the factory and the place where it was. Gordon was angry that I told them about it. But the EDE agreed to clean up us and the factory site. They disappeared and came back and confirmed the factory and that they had "purified" it. Whatever that means? Then they removed the radiation from us and the farm site. Afterwards Gordon raged about how we no longer had any leverage with the Shinies. What with them being perfect beings with no needs to desires.

I ask him what he meant, about the EDE? He told me that they had been hoping they would cleans the world of the radiation. And make it a place where people can live without decades of struggle. Oops? But what about the factory and the shared symbol? What do the Hairies and the Shinies have to do with each other? Why does their equipment share the open hand symbol? Gordon does not have any answers. He appeared as confused by such ideas as I was. Politicians eh? I mentioned the fact that some of the people controlling the factory had been at Croydon and experimented on by the Hairies. And that I had seen black stuff leave one person and infest another. Again Gordon had no answers. He did though tell us to leave. So we did. I decided that the General was in no condition to drive, so I did.

We left the farm and John and I decided that a trip to the location of the factory might be a good idea. To see what a purified site looked like afterwards. With the General still with us we drove out of London with no trouble. The border guards being a little confused as to why the General was drunk but hey, they've seen it all before. We got to the factory and everything looked perfect. John had a call of nature so the General and I went to look round. Everything was fixed. It looked like new. The factory was pristine. The rubble was all transformed into buildings and there was even plants and flowers growing. After a while John comes back and we began to talk about the EDE and what they really wanted. The General began to explain about some of the Croydon incident and what the Hairies wanted. Or what they did rather. The British had thought that the Hairies were helping them but they had their own agenda and stuck to it. Hence the Russian and British troops banded together to save us all. John and I just looked at each other. Who would know more about this? After all most of the people involved are dead? I asked the General if Dr Quatermass might know more? Then from the ground behind the General came a black cloud which rushed into him. What the fuck?

The Cost of Living

Well after the good general got himself invaded by the black cloud I thought, "better him than me," and attacked him. Pity he was good with a gun. Yup I got a bad hit and was out of it. Falling in and out of consciousness. Bloody fool that he is. He did answer a few questions. Like what he was and where he came from. The symmetry of sever Pure ones and some black ones was a little obvious. The general filled in a few details. Things later on showed exactly where we, humanity stood.

After our little question and answer session the general agreed to drive John and myself back to London proper. He dumped us in some empty road and drove off. Since I was so badly wounded John helped me to the SSG headquarters. There is a mobile field hospital there. The building is a sort of square with a hollow bit. Much like a roman house but instead of a nice garden we have the medical unit stationed there. They took one look at me and asked John to leave while they prepped me for surgery. I was lying on one of the tables when a doctor came over and began to draw some blood. I did a double take when I realised that the doctor was the fool Dr. Blenkinsop! I mean what is he doing with needles and shit? He said that he needed a really fresh blood sample to work out what the Nuclear Sponge was. He then left leaving me feeling mighty curious about the good Dr.

After the surgery John was gone. What the fuck is it with that guy? Did he think I would be OK to wander the streets without a bit of help? I mean there is taking cover to the extreme.

I get to the scene of the late Mr Clay's last meal site. There was a fair sized crowd. I guess the scene of an explosion took their minds off their imminent deaths. Who knows? I see Hugo and got up to him just as John met him. Hugo wanted to know where Mr Clay was. John lied telling him we did not know. I went up to one the policemen who was guarding the scene from the crowd. He told me that there was a few survivors and the name of the hospital treating them. Having told Hugo he insisted we go and see if Mr Clay was one of them. John was a bit reluctant but what can you do?

Showed my badge and got us in to see the survivors. None were in a great way but Jack Stoner seemed pleased to see us. Hugo was not happy when none of the people was Mr Clay. He let out a scream and his jaw extended down. Way further than a regular humans could. he rushed forward and engulfed Jack's body. Hugo began to fall to pieces onto Jack and be absorbed. After a minute there was only Jack and no Hugo. I guess the Hunger was satisfied. At least for a little while.

Jack / Hugo / The Hunger was not pleased. In fact really pissed would be a understatement. He knew from Jack that I was SSG. OK. He then tried to attack me. Not so good. I was still feeling a bit weak. I managed to get away from him but Fiona Poulson was kind of in the way. I threatened Jack with Gordon Prenderghast's rage but I don't think he really took any notice. I kind of used Fiona as a human shield while I ran for my life. Having made good my escape I took refuge away from the hospital. Tomorrow is a better day to try and solve the worlds problems.

I did go for a drink to speak to Alice Hinds. Her flunky at the bar told me to go right up. So I did. Pity she was busy entertaining the chief Inspector at the time. He was not pleased. Seems that no one wanted to see me that day. After placating him Alice and I go downstairs for a quiet drink. She, along with several thousand other Londoner's does not look good. The effects of the radiation poisoning made her look a bit bad. After having had a good look at her I realised she was not one of the strange Black Cloud group, Impure.

I knew that things were really bad the next day. The dead from the radiation poisoning are being piled up. God it was awful.

I met up with John and after the weird stuff that Dr. Blenkinsop did when I was shot we both decided that a visit to the good Dr. would be a good idea. We went to the Burg and no one had seen him for at least twelve hours. Where is he? I get the address of his house by flashing my SSG badge. His house looked kind of tidy and neat. We found his black market stash. I took a few little things. Where the fuck did he get chocolate from? The Dr. had left his journal and it seems he know more about this then he ever let on. Perhaps only Gordon Prendegast might know.

We go to speak with the general as we had agreed to get Jake Stoner to his farm. Although what the Hunger will do with it was any ones guess.

At the farm Gronds and Prendegast face up to each other. I tried to tell Prendegast that Gronds has been taken over by one of the Impure but he ignores me. Stupid fool that he was. Gronds then shot Prendegadt. While the general took control of the farm John and I bundle the idiot Prendegast into the barn with the strange equipment. Gordon Prendegast wants to summon the Pure to deal with things but I persuaded him to wait for a moment and that the Pure had been lying to him. Boy that took a lot of talking. Just after I managed to get him to my point of view one of the technicians turns round. Dear god it is my wife. She is possessed by one of the impure, Wrath.

Into That Good Night

Looking into the eyes of Norma I remembered that fateful time I spent in Paris. Spring in the city of love. She was drawing portraits near the base of the Eifel tower. She got me to sit for her and we just sort of looked at each other. You know that kind of soppy way. God it was wonderful. We saw more of each other and then one day she came to the coffee house and told me she had been broken into. Some pictures she had drawn of "strange" things had been taken. Then I was looking at the woman I fell in love with. But she was different. Her body usurped by an Impure being.

This thing that stood in front me was not my wife but some sort of monster. It had planted a bomb inside the machine that was used to contact the Pure. It wanted to stop us contacting them. I begged my wife to stop what she was doing. I managed to break through the Impure's hold on her and it left her. It swarmed out of her body like a cloud of molten fire. Round the barn the ball of fire swam and then it sank itself into Gordon Prenedagst.

Well that was just peachy. Could things get any worse? Yes they bloody well could. Norma could not remember how to disarm the fucking bomb. With some help from Norma and John we managed to disarm the bomb. Christ I thought we were all for it. Gordon come round now that he has this Impure inside him. I decided to try and get some more information about these bloody creatures. I had heard of this Hypnosis trick where people could remember things if you sort of pushed then mentally. Well the situation could not be much worse, really.

Gordon got a strange look in his eyes. He was looking at "his" world. A race facing extinction. Dying out with only one way of saving themselves. To split off part of themselves that some disease was attacking them from. A world ravaged to death by something. At this point the barn is filled with the light of the Pure putting in an appearance. They stop Wrath from telling us any more. They also tell us that they will not do any more. So we may have destroyed any hope of getting our world fixed. Sad I guess. The general gets Gordon taken away and locked up. In a cell next to Dr. Blenkinsop.

We told Greed / Gronds about Wrath. Not too sure how anyone could lock up one of these Impure things? Not my problem. We get in to have a look at the Dr. Wow, what change a day can make. He has been purified. The good Dr. now is a very good Dr. He looks like an ad for healthy living. Virtually perfect. It is hard to think of any other way of describing him. With a little persuasion we get him free and leave the farm.

Back at the Burg Dr. Blenkinsop managed to build a new communications device. We contact the mechanics and they are willing to put the Pure and the Impure back together but they want more bodies. Lots and lots more bodies. Twenty thousand of them. John and I have a discussion about this. Maybe the Pure can clean the world but do we want to have the Impure about doing there "thing?" We weighed up the pros and cons of the future. After much arguing we decided that humans alone must be the future. Even if it means a couple of centuries of hard living we can rebuild the world. We contact the Mechanics and they accept our idea and payment. Because of the large numbers and their location they said they would simply take them themselves.

A light starts to build outside the windows. We all go and look. The East End of London glows and then flash, it is gone. All of the bodies, gone. Fiona, Aqua, Sheila, the Rev., Alice, gone. What have we done, what have we DONE?

As the tremors die down a strange noise came from John's mouth. A green ooze came out and flashed off into nothing. Dear God he was one of them. An Impure. Fuck. He went along with killing himself. But, what will we, humanity do now?


Well here I sit penning these memories. My wife is outside with our first child. She was reluctant at first but there must be a future. At least I hope so. The Good Dr. Blenkinsop works away at his strange ideas and machines. I keep the worst of his ideas here away from Chief Inspector Angus MacDonald, the Chancellor and head bastard of London. The population issue there has taken an even further decline. They say he is killing more people than the war ever did. I pay for our seclusion with food and the Dr.s ideas. Or at least the safest ones. Some Russian soldiers help us keep too many others from stealing everything. Maybe the future will be OK?

System Hot War,