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This is a description of some groups and organizations active in and around Longshore and of interest to the Longshore Crew.

Global Ecology Organization

The GEO is the de facto world government, both on Earth and Poseidon. Born out of the Blight, is has whole-heartedly adopted its mission to act as the protector and guardian of all the peoples of the Earth. Culturally, it is an unashamed technocracy: it chooses the best people, gives them the best training, tools, and information, and then lets them do the best job they can. In this way, the tough decisions needed to do the right thing can be made in the best possible manner, and far more easily than by leaving control in the hands of the ill-informed and self-serving mob, as is the case in democracies. On Poseidon, this approach has led the GEO to taking ownership of the whole solar system, in the name of the peoples of Earth. Its benevolent guardianship is only tempered by the large distances and lack of resources, which prevent the GEO from acting as it needs to.

Hanover Industries

Hanover is a large Incorporate state with a diverse range of industrial products. Its main base is the city-state of Hannover in Germany, but the city is due to revert to German control in two year's time. In the meantime, Hanover is pouring vast resources into its colonization efforts on Poseidon, in the form of the city of Lebensraum. This thoroughly modern city has grown from nothing four years ago to a current population of 25,000. It will soon become Hanover's main territorial holding, and is projected to hold up to two million people. Hanover does not have a good environmental record, making it a target for violent and non-violent actions. Security is maintained by the forces of the Hanover Security Services.

Nippon Industrial State

The NIS is the reformed remnants of pre-Blight Japan. Like all the other major powers, the NIS has joined the "gold rush" on Poseidon, albeit rather later than most. It has made up for this late start by the construction of Simushir, a vast mining and industrial complex that sprawls over several islands in the souther New Hawaii region. Simushir has a population of over 25,000 and actively recruits on Posiedon, as well as transporting its own workers from Earth. However, conditions in Simushir are reported to be poor, and there are rumours that the workers are trapped in indenture agreements that make them little more than slaves.

Native Emancipation League

A Native self-help organization, the NEL operate on two fronts. First, they fund and support various projects that improve the lives of Natives. These projects include paying the salaries for teachers and nurses, and building and maintaining infrastructure, such as schools, water purifiers, and storm shelters. Second, the NEL acts as a Native rights advocacy group, and argues better treatment of Natives by the GEO, Incorporates, and other organizations. Its ultimate aim is the deportation of all people who are not descended from Athena colonists. The NEL is rumoured to have links with Poseidon First.

Poseidon First

This eco-terrorist group mainly acts against polluters and others that cause ecological damage on Poseidon. They have assassinated several people who were claimed to behind serious and prolonged ecological degradations. They have also bombed a number of GEO and Incorporate facilities, though generally after coded warnings were issued. Poseidon First is generally regarded as the military wing of the Native Emancipation League. Membership of Poseidon First is illegal under GEO law, though there are rumours that several Wardens have close links with this group.

Blue Water Circle

This is a hard-line terrorist group who regard all except the most hardcore Native activists as their enemy. They are motivated by both ecological and religious concerns. To their mind, Poseidon is a precious jewel, given to the Natives by the gods. All others are Despoilers, and must be eradicated. They appear to generally eschew technology, except for weapons. They generally target prominent members of GEO, colonist, and Incorporate communities, and will attack those they consider to be the most influential in spreading the Newcomers across the colony world.

Church of Whalesong Theogeny

This cetacean organization is not really a church, but is a strong social and moral force in the cetacean and Native communities. The Whalesong itself is a shared repertoire of stories, told in both cetacean sound plays and human languages. Renditions of the Song occur as frequently as people gather to hear and sing them, though there are scheduled performances by each church's Songmaster. The Whalesong Epic gives a history of the cetaceans, both before and after Uplift. More importantly, it preaces a message of compassion, tolerance, and responsibility, for individuals, communities, and the oceans as a whole.